Bag vs. Bling..PartII....*Pics*

  1. Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to really thank you guys for your support in my decision for the ring...

    I guess the bag has to wait...for a long time too....:crybaby:

    To help ease the pain, I bought this sterling silver watch to pair up with my new ring....I have to do the whole match thing...its such a diesease...:p

    My dog was sooo interested in what I was doing that I got her in my shot so wanted to share her with you guys....she is our 8 yrs old yorkie and she rules our house.....:yes:

    Thanks guys once again and here are the pics of my ring and watch.....
  2. My Yorkie...
  3. What a cute dog! Love the watch and ring!
  4. yorkie's so adorable!! congrats on your ring :smile:
  5. Gorgeous!v Congratulations!
  6. You really got some beautiful things, didn't you?! The ring is gorgeous and the watch is so cool! You have beautiful hands and that ring suits your middle finger perfectly. But the real show stealer is your adorable dog! If I didn't have a lot on my plate already, I would have to get me one of those. Congrats, bagluvluv, you made quite a haul!

    p.s. That new lv will still be there waiting for you eventually!
  7. Thanks you guys!!!!!!
    My yorkie is so precious but a get my attention, she just dragged her little house all the way next to me......she is like a 2 yrs old...always needing

    Texas Girl: Thank you!!! She looks like an angel but has a devilish we adore her....:tender:
  8. I love the ring and watch together! Your yorkie is adorable!!x
  9. Lovely ring and you have nice hands!
  10. Gorgeous ring! :heart: You've made the right decision! :tup:

    Your doggie is sooo adorable!!!
  11. Thanks you guys!!!!!!!!!
  12. Gorgeous jewelry. Who plays World of warcraft? Seeing that made me laugh. bf plays all the time.

  13. son...although, I like games too....

    Zelda is my favorite, I took a day off of work once to get the game the first day it arrived in stores...

    Im such a dork.....:p
  14. congrats!
  15. Your dog is soooooooo cute!!!