"Bag" vs. "bag on YOU"

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  1. This post should be dedicated to my blue Paddy which I am trying to summon the courage/will/whatever to pack to send back today. My question is what do you do when you LOVE a bag and then it does not look so good ON? I got the light blue Paddington on Thursday and the next day when I was moving my stuff into it to try it out my husband said that it just didn't look right on me. The long narrow shape does not work with my "fuller" figure. He says he can see it on a six foot stick model on a runway, but not in real life. I know a LOT of you have this bag, so I would love to hear what you think. I see his point, and I asked for a second opinion and was told that it was not my usual style. The bag is gorgous, but it's too much money to just look at on a shelf. Does anyone else have this dilemma?
  2. Honestly, I've never checked to see if a bag looks good on or not LOL And I'm definately not a 6 ft model. If I love it, I love it.
  3. I agree with you. If I really love the bag, I make it work. My DH thinks my Fendi spy is ugly but I really don't care because I love it!
  4. If you dont love it now...get rid of it/
    However sometimes after someone makes an icky remark about a bag of mine..I then turn on it myself!(Insecure bag-lover???!!!)
    I firmly believe if you really LOVE it.....you would already know IT!
    Dont keep it if its not going to be worn....

    Good luck!
  5. I don't like it when my husband makes comment like that, not angry with him, just frustrated a bit. Because he's closed to me and his opinion does matter even on something I thought I loved. A comment like this does mess up your head and not sure if you like it anymore.
    Return it if you have any doubts.
  6. What she said! :P I'm not small and there are bags of all sizes in my collection. I never match a bag to my coloring for instance, but do have bags I feel might be a bit small but I love. I wear them anyway.
  7. can't you make a photo with you wearing the bag so we can see it? Honestly I don't think that a paddy is just for the "sticks".
  8. I know what you mean. I fall in love w/a bag and when I finally get it and try it on, it just isn't me. Of course usually I fell in love w/it b/c I saw someone look great w/the bag on. I think sometimes, depending on your style and your wardrobe, the bag can 'fit' or not 'fit'. If you're having doubts, I say return it and move on to your next target! I liked the bbag and bought it, but it just wasn't me, so I returned it. And moved on to the Edith, which I think is more of my style (or I think for now!...will know for sure once I actually have it in my hands and try it on)
  9. I do the same thing! Why do we do that to ourselves? :sad:
  10. I think a mini paddington wouldn't look good on a six foot model but i don't think a bag should fit like jeans, perfectly. there is an extent to which it should match.
  11. If the comment will continue to bother you & make you not want to wear it, return it. I agree, it is too much money if it is only going to sit in your closet. But if you love it then keep it! My mom told me she didn't like one of my bags but I was too far gone in love w/ it to even think twice.
  12. Who cares what your hubby thinks! Unless he's Karl Lagerfield, I wouldn't care! If you like the bag, keep it, enjoy it!
  13. I think it should be how you feel about the bag when you wear it. If you really love it, you should keep it; however, if you are remotely concerned about how it looks, and the doubt is there, you shoudl probably take it back since it is an expensive bag. You should do what I do - ignore the husband ;) ;) .
  14. Unfortunately, I do think there is a difference between "Bag" vs. "bag on YOU." It just depends on whether you let that affect your decision.

    For instance, I just loved the MJ Venetia or even the Blake, but when I tried them on, they almost looked like carry-ons (I'm 5' 3" - though I keep trying to insist I'm 5' 4" ;) , and not that skinny). Even the SA thought so. Then I tried on the multi-pocket, which I hadn't even looked at twice before and it looked much better on me.

    So I ended up getting the multipocket. I tend to look at the bag itself and also always find a mirror to see how I look with it (AND also ask my shopping buddy or DH what they think), especially when the bags are $$.

    Keep looking! You'll find a bag you love AND looks fantastic on you.
  15. I think it make a difference on. You don't want a bag that you could fit yourself in, but you don't want a bag that makes you look bigger thsn you are. I once saw a picture of Star Jones with a pink Theda and thought "God Lord! You can barely see the bag..."