Bag Usage Advice - Can anyone help?

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  1. After reading various threads about different bag uses (as diaper bags, workhorse bags etc) I have come to the conclusion that I should be using my bags more often, after all that's what they are for!!!

    I am male, and have two bags - the mid-sized Herbag and the smaller pochette acapulco (that I originally bought to use as my "everyday bag" but have only used about five times in the six months that I have had it.)
    I am an extremely cautious person with everything, my main reason for under-use of my bags being that I don't want them to get damaged, and was wondering if there were any ladies/gents out there that have any tips or advice on how to prepare for a disaster, such as carrying wipes with me so i can quickly clean up a spill. :faint:

    I really want to enjoy my Hermes but find myself worrying and stressing about it surviving the day too much to do so. :sad:

    Any tips and advice would be much appreciated!! :heart: Sorry if this is a repeat thread, I did a search but couldn't find anything.
  2. I don't do anything special - just take care in not banging my bags against walls or door openings, not putting them on dirty floors, etc. I've always been able to sell my bags in "practically new" condition years after I buy them by just using some common sense precautions.

    I do live in a rainy climate, and don't have the patience to be overly cautious, so I do choose styles and leathers that won't be damaged by a few raindrops. So for H, I always choose Togo or Clemence leathers - no disappointment yet!

    Remember that H can always be spiffed up at the spa, or repaired if need be, so enjoy your bags with some minor precautions. It's a shame to keep them locked up at home.
  3. You know that I love your tpf name. :heart:

    I think you already know that your constant worrying over your bags make it hard for you to truly enjoy using them. Shake the worry off. I don't mean to trivalise your concern, but do think of them as just another "B-A-G". It is really through enjoying your H bags well, that you can truly appreciate Hermes.

    I think a packet of wet wipes and tissue paper will always come in handy, whether or not to rescue your bags from a disaster.
  4. Well said MrsSparkles!

    JustinCredible - great name! Hope you enjoy your bags.
  5. Thank you for your feedback :heart: and your kind words regarding my nick. :P

    I guess I just need to stop worrying so much and just realise that it IS "just another bag". And as we all know the Spa can refresh and repair.

    I think, also, one of my concerns is that the acapulco bag that I have is made from a material that I'm not familiar with and I don't know how well it would resist ,for example, a splash of coffee.

    I guess I have an excuse to go shopping now, as a "de-sensitizing trip" to get used to using my bags!:wlae: :nuts:
  6. Such wise words from the fabulous MrsS...Yes, my dear, just use those lovely bags! ...also agree with others, love your nick!!

    BTW, I have converted over to mostly box bags and am now able to carry them with abandon! I was once just as cautious and nervous as you are. I got over it! ;)
  7. I agree- please use them and I promise a) it gets easier and b) you'll be surprised at how resistant they are. As the ladies said, they can always be spa'd too.

    And I'll be keeping an eye out too as I think you are in my neck of the woods!:P
  8. I agree with everything Mrs Sparkles said--wet wipes, tissues, and use those bags! If you are worried about getting caught in rain, carry a folded up plastic grocery bag in one of the pockets to put your bag in, in case you get caught in a downpour.

    Hope you start using your bags and enjoying them!
  9. The more you use the bags, the easier it becomes, I put my "workhorse H bag" down on the floor, albeit under a table in Starbucks the other day, I would never have done that 6 months ago.

    And I am the person that won't have drinks or food in my car because I can't bear the thought of any spills or mess. Use those bags and enjoy them
  10. I agree, the more you use them and see how well they hold up, the easier it gets! I use my Picotin a lot and it still looks new. That's the great thing about the quality of H bags. :tup: I know it's tough. I had to break myself of the habit of using other bags and not carrying my "good" bags because I was afraid of something happening to them. But I finally decided they are meant to be enjoyed, why not carry them and enjoy the experience?! :biggrin:
  11. All such wise words. At least now I dont feel like a complete freak for being so over-protective of my bags.

    Time to plan a trip somewhere so I can use my H!!!! :wlae::heart:

    Oooooh, and poshhoney, I think you may be right! :P
  12. I carry a handkerchief in my bags for any unexpected spills (nothing has happened yet) and I use baby wipes to clean my bags when I change them. I try not to bang them into walls, furniture & people. Most of all, remember it is a bag that helps facilitate your life not the other way around. Get it out and use it and you will see that H bags are quite sturdy!
    P.S. Agree with MrsS - love your tPF name!
  13. Congrats on the new bags -- as all the wise ladies have said, "use them!" It does get easier each time.
  14. They look better and better when they make a living :o)
    So, get your bags out of the unemployment line. They have a job which is making your life better:o)
    Just remember they work for you not the other way around:o)

    Put your H to work it's good for them :o)