Bag to take on 2-week trip?

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  1. Last time I took my Rebecca minkoff which was super heavy when loaded. I took it because it had a crossbody option, which the longchamp les pliage doesn't...otherwise longchamp would be the obvious choice. Kinda want to take speedy b but I really want to take a low key black or neutral bag. Any suggestions? Most of my bags are too heavy. Thanks!
  2. Your Speedy should be okay.....
    You could also look at Sonia Rykiel nylon bags, they are lovely, lightweight and can be worn crossbody.
  3. I'm so indecisive when picking bags for travel myself!
  4. I'd suggest Kipling, if you want leather then Le Pliage cuir.
  5. For vacation travel I always use my Chloe Marcie cross body, the large size. The strap is thick enough that it never cuts into my shoulder, and all of the vacation essentials fit -- sunglasses, wallet, maps, makeup bag, phone, etc. -- and I can even fit in a bottle of water! It's a great bag!
  6. Quinn crossbody bag from Hobo International:

    Zip top
    Crossbody, long shoulder strap, or short shoulder (hobo) strap
    tons of pockets inside and out (front and back, zip and open)
    Leather but lightweight
    Holds a ton if need be but flattens out when less full

    I just took an earlier version of this bag in caramel (slightly different configuration of outer pockets) on Hawaiian beach vacation. Great for airport/plane, beach, sightseeing, etc...

    (I have a number of RM bags... way too heavy for travel, I agree...)
  7. I don't know if you want a small cross body or a large one but I use the Marc Jacobs Sasha bag in Nylon for a large cross body option when I travel. It's light and has a zippered flap where you can put your valuables so that pickpockets can't get to them easily and main body is large enough to fit essentials like a travel guide, water, sunglasses, a light sweater etc. It also has a exterior "little card carrier" that you can put train tickets, metro passes in.

    I'm also going on a 2 week trip and plan to carry that and a Longchamp Lepliage tote.
  8. Longchamp also has a small leather crossbody now, it might be too small for you, but it is super cute!
  9. I have trips to Japan & Italy planned in the next 6 months so I'm watching this thread closely. Thx!
  10. Longchamp for shoulder and Kipling for cross body
  11. Nice suggestions! I've been so spoiled by my car that I have accumulated all these heavy bags
  12. My personal travel bag is my Prada nylon bag. It can go cross-body, or be adjusted to have shorter straps for the shoulder bag option. It's super tough - it got wet, stepped on, tossed, and abused in many ways during our family trip to Florida where we rode crazy amusement park rides. Other than being tough and carrying a reasonable number of things in it, it is also super light. :smile:

  13. I second this suggestion. I have a nylon Sasha as well - lightweight, well organized, and roomy without being bulky. Great for travel. :smile:
  14. Longchamp for sure - then bring a mini cross body too, if you have one.