Bag to Pair with Nude CLs--which one do you use?

  1. So I have nude NPs pre-ordered from ... but what kind of bag will I use with them?

    I have the black lamb timeless clutch, but what other bags/colors go?

    Is this too "matchy"?

    Med Flap 2.JPG
  2. I think it would look gorgous, honestly for me it depends more on my clothing if I wear black with the nudes, black bag, if I wear gray, gray or brown bag, if I wear white (now this is yet to come) white bag etc...;)
  3. I think that would be lovely with nude NP's very classic! I think you have many options with a nude shoe because you can base your bag on the outfit, nude goes with everything.
  4. I agree with cat cat... the bag/clutch can relatively match the outfit, and your nude shoes can be the feature that pops!
  5. If your outfit is more neutral, you can let the shoes "blend" with the outfit (creating a long line) and chose a statement bag so it pops! There are so many possibilities with a "nude" VP.
  6. Almost anything!~ I think your Chanel flap will look very classy with the nudes~~
  7. i think it would look perfect!
  8. I think you can use any colour bag with the nudes.
  9. OMG Jen, is that a blush patent flap?!?!?!? I want one! lol
  10. I agree :yes: I specifically try not to match my bags with shoes (of course also try not to clash in colors either). CL's nudes are great neutral tones that go with just about everything.
  11. Nude goes with anything..that's why I love it so much! I wear my nude VP's the most with my Chanel GST the most. Any color would look good! I choose based on the style of the bag, then focus on color.
  12. That Chanel bag is gorgeous!!! I think it would look great--I also like black with nudes.
  13. That Chanel goes great with the nudes!!
  14. Here are my nudes and here is my new Chanel that I LOVE (first one!). I hope it will look good together. I will post pics with the outfit I have in mind.....
  15. You guys are so wonderful (and enabling!) ... I,too, love black and nude together. In fact, I can't wait to pair my nude NPs with a little black dress (just like Kamilla, right?) ...

    But I won't be buying this one (it's on eBay--somebody grab it!), 'cause i just bought a white East/West flap ... so I'm on a shoe AND purse ban 'til June.