Bag to get for 16th bday!?!

  1. I am getting a new bag for my 16th bday!!! There are loads i LOVE, but I want one which will be around for a while, and is more of a classic, rather thn just in for like 1 season!!! Was thinking a chanel or maybe the YSL muse, what do you guys think!!! PLease Help!!! Price range is about $1000 - 1400, something like tht!!!
  2. Bloody hell lucky you!!!!

    Even though I'm not really a fan (I know shock horror!) I think Chanel's are more classic. I :heart: YSL Muse but being such a large bag I think over the years it will be in and out of fashion purely based on it's size.

    It's like the lovely Betty is great but the Paddy is eternal.

    I think a nice-sized Chanel is much more classique and will always be in
  3. my vote goes for a classic chanel or chloe's silverado/paddy or balenciaga's work/city
  4. yea i think a classis chanel

    the ysl muse is currently an 'it bag' meaning that it will date very quickly
  5. I'd go with a classic Chanel or a Chloe Paddington.
  6. How much do the chanels start at??
  7. Sweet sixteen, Congraulations. :heart:

    My daughter will be 16 in 2 years. She is definately not ready for a Chanel. Have fun window shopping between now and your birthday, try lots of different bags on. You're only 16 , so you don't need to be buying a 'bag for life' just yet. Have fun with it. If an 'it" bag takes your fancy, grab it and enjoy it. Live your age. Have fun and if that includes buying a classic Chanel do that.
  8. I say Chloe paddington or Balenciaga First. Both are fun, youthful and classic.

    Sometimes I feel that Chanel dates me (I'm 25) so I feel it might be too mature for a 16 year old.

  9. Definitly the Chanel!!:yahoo:
    What kind of Chanel bag are we talking about?
  10. I would go for Chanel without a doubt something in caviar/ calfskin. You can get a classic Chanel for about $1695. I do not think you are to young to carry a classic bag. My daughter is 16 and has a lovely Chanel bag collection. If not the Chanel go for LV , Speedy 30 about
    $ 500/ $600. If you go for the LV with is such a classic bag ,you will have enough left for an LV wallet, and a pair of LV sunglasses. I am sure you would look simply lovely with Chanel or Vuitton, good luck!!!!!!!!
  11. A Balenciaga City or Twiggy in a fun color would be perfect for a 16y/o
  12. Thx for your recommendations!! Think I will probs go for a balenciaga or chanel...the one I am thinking of is like this one -
    Hope the pic works!!!
  13. hmm, chanel at 16? I could have never pulled it off. If I were 16 I would be enjoying the LV speedy. I think the older you get the less you look good with that bag. Def a young bag.
  14. Please don't feel that Chanel dates you. Of course, it doesn't. My 16 year old carries her bags with grace and style. VERY chic, she is able to dress them up or down . Wearing your bags with jeans is great but never if sneakers, at least not here. I think any young lady over 16 is able to carry Chanel as well as Hermes Birkin. It is not so much about the age but how the young lady carries herself and how she is dressed in general. My daughter has in her collection, a 2005 anniversary issue of the Chanel 2.55 in black on gold hardware. On a dress me down day, Seven, or Levi jeans, a simple tee in silk or cotton. If it is cool a classic jacket , prehaps Chanel prehaps not, it depends. Hair down or pulled back in a classic ponytail tied with a black satin ribbon and very good jewelery. Stunning!!!!! Of course, this is not for going to an amusement park for a fun day, that is a sneaker day!!!!!!!. Princess Caroline's daughter when she was 16 a few years ago , always looked so wonderful carrying her Chanel bags. She did not look dated then and I am very sure she never will. Prehaps, it just a European thing.
  15. Thx 4 the advice ktown, I am totally torn!! I would love both!!! The only problem being would be if my dad would stretch to price of a chanel, lol!!! But they are so worth it, but then balenciaga are so perfect, and update any outfit, hmmm........