Bag that will go a long way! (balenciaga vs. chloe)*

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  1. I have been planning to reward myself with a designer handbag. I own some Marc by Marc Jacobs or Tory Burch etc. but it's going to be my first high-end brand. I want something that could be an investment or at least go a long way (in style).

    Right now I have been eyeing on "Balenciaga Amp Plate Silver Mini City Bag" or "Chloe Faye Bag Small" both in black. Please help me choose! What are you guys' opinions about these bags? Any alternatives?
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  2. I have the Bal city plate, and the leather is to die for, like butter! I never have any Chloe, so sorry I can't give comparison and not helping.

    Anyway good luck on your search and congrats on getting your first premium bag
  3. ugh so jealous. thanks anyways! :smile:
  4. Both gorgeous bags, but I do think these are both hype bags. Going for a classic Mini City would be safer, classic Balanciaga bags proofed to be classics and are still in fashion. These are just my thoughts on it, good luck deciding! :smile:
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  5. Yess I'm leaning more towards Balenciage the city bag design is so classic now. Thanks for the help!
  6. Just my opinion - I think the Chloe Faye looks fresher than the Balenciaga City. I see the City bag almost everywhere and it's just too common! Depending on your personality too, I think the Chloe Faye is a more feminine bag.
  7. I have several Balenciaga bags and a couple Chloe bags. I find the Balenciaga Mini City to be a more classic style then the Chloe Faye. The Faye seems to be a very trendy bag style to me and not sure I see it having staying power whereas the Balenciaga Mini City has been around for several years and is based on the larger Classic City style that has been around for over a decade. Go with the bag that really makes your heart sing, but if you are wanting a more classic style, then definitely Balenciaga Mini City over Chloe Faye. I fear the Chloe Faye will look dated a couple years down the line.
  8. I have a Balenciaga Club & a Chloe Paddington, and I just love how elegant I feel when I wear my Bal. The leather is amazing, it's so lightweight, and for it being a bag from 2009, it just gets better with age.

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  9. I don't know the Bal that you want but I have a Balenciaga Triple Mini AJ and it has been in strong rotation ever since I bought it (a year ago?) definitely one of my favorites. A twist on the city design as a small crossbody but with the flap like the papier. Edgy yet still feminine. Super functional for someone like me who often leaves the house with just the essentials. And I get compliments on it all the time. LOVE!

    I will say that I haven't been up close with a Faye but I tried to get on board with a Chloe Marcie - loved it in photos but once I tried it on, I knew it was not my bag.

    Have you tried both on yet? Definitely do before committing to one or the other!
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