bag taboo?

  1. why are expensive handbags such a taboo?

    it's ok for a guy to spend tons of money on a car, but a girl can't spend a grand on a bag?

    it's fine to throw all your money away at booze and partying, but it's not ok for a chanel?

    i always have to defend my bag purchases. and i tend not to divulge lots of information to anyone, sometimes not even to my closest friends just because i know they don't understand.

    everyone has their own obsession. my best friend is obsessed with sex. she calls me the bag lady. i call her the sex lady. just to get my point across. then she says, "yeah that's true."

    are bags considered that frivolous? i think before this it used to be taboo shoes.

    but people got used to it, right? especially since sex and the city.

    thoughts, anyone?
  2. I totally understand you not wanting to tell others about your bag purchases because of the need to defend yourselves. I've had some people write me off as a spoiled or wasteful because of my bags, but that's just what I like to spend money on; other people like to buy good food, clothes, etc., I just like bags and appreciate them for the prettiness that they are.

    I think that sex and the city popularized the idea of spending larger amounts of money on designer shoes and clothing, but I also think that's why it was popular; women could look at it and dream about owning the bags, shoes, and clothes that carrie and the other girls had. That still doesn't mean that many people go out and do it or approve of it even if they watch the show, even though I'm sure that now there are more people willing to spend for nice Choos.
  3. I use analogy when explaining to them why I spend this much for my bags. They have nice gadgets, I have nice bags. They have car payments and mortgage, I don't drive so I have no car but I pay rent. Gives me more room to save some and buy something I want once in a while.

    What it boils down to is getting what I want. I don't ask other people to buy it for me. I buy it for myself. I don't have to justify it.
  4. I think its just a society has alot of sexist ideas about how women should spend their money, including that women shouldn't buy expensive handbags. I'm an attorney and many of my female friends who are also attorneys do crazy things like buy all their clothes at Target or handwash everything and never get anything professionally pressed or dry cleaned. There is no way a male attorney would try to buy a suit at Target (btw. that female friend was making about 130k a year!) It makes me really angry because I feel like women sometimes feel like they don't deserve full control over their money or nice things.

    I've actually explainted to my boyfriend that the reason that I spend so much on clothes is that women's styles change more and I simply cannot wear the same suit in every season (unlike men). Plus I can't have one or two pairs of dress shoes to go with everything. I don't tell him how much I spend on things, unless I get a great deal though. I personally don't think its anyone's business. I also don't drink alot or have a car, since I live in the city, so my splurge is clothes and acessories. I also think that as women our appearence gives us confidence, men spend money too just on suits and designer ties.

    I don't know some of my friends get wierd about my designer bags, like annoyed that I have them, so I think too alot of comments are out of jealousy.
  5. I don't know, but if you worked all the hours God sends for peanuts money and then slaved over your husband and children that would be "right" in many people's eyes, esp. if you never spent one dollar on yourself, so with some people's warped values in mind you just have to consider you can't please everyone!

  6. You're preaching to the choir here, Fayden, I completely agree. If beautiful handbags make you happy and you love to collect them, then by all means enjoy! I think the handbag market has gotten so much more diverse (and expensive) over the last few years that a lot of people who are out of the loop have "sticker shock" when they hear how much bags cost. So that could be part of the response. Plus if you're not informed about how much work goes into a Spy bag, or a Ferrari, or a pair of Manolos, you might not know what all the fuss is about and why prices are so high. I think my friends might have reactions much like your friends for this very reason!
  7. I think the worse part is, that when people are condemning you about the bag purchases they end up also throwing in the fact that youre superficial and thats totally not true. I dont go on trips so i spend it on a bag...6 months later, no one remembers that they went on a trip BUT i still have my bag, and somehow im the spendthrift one...

    grr makes me mad!
  8. Good point - how is it less "moral" to have a bag made by a skilled artisan who gets paid a decent living wage, designed by a designer who helps drive the economy forward and create jobs for everyone from his/her PA to the sales assistants & store security guards, than it is to have a £5 bag made in a sweatshop and sold off a barrow in a market?! :suspiciou

    Humph. :noworry:

  9. I completely agree with everyone here! I'm sick of people placing value-judgements on me when maybe what they like to spend their money on, I think is stupid and shallow. Everyone I know uses one bag every day, and that just doesn't have to be. My mother and husband especially think I'm weird.

    I hate that.
  10. I have never understood this. If I want to buy a $1,000 handbag that is my business. I don't have a big screen TV, cable television, fancy car. In addition, I have a very pared down wardrobe and I don't spend a lot of money on my clothing. I spend my money on good accessories. I like to have good shoes, nice scarves, nice jewelry and nice bags. I feel like as long as I am not in debt it is perfectly fine and really it's nobody's business what I do with my money.
  11. I totally agree. Everyone has different hobbies/interests that they enjoy and spend money on. Mine is nice handbags. It seems like people always have to comment on them and say things like well you don't have kids so you can buy frivolous things like bags and shoes. :blink: As others have said I would rather save and buy a bag than go on trips or partying. But I would never make judgements about other people and their interests! :P
  12. Agreed. I'm the same way when it comes to clothes and other things in life. My money goes to quality accessories that will last me for years. I feel good carrying a nice bag, wearing nice shoes and jewelry. Accessories can make an outfit.

    Everyone has their different likes and dislikes, and everyone differs in where they like to spend their money. I think those of us who enjoy nice handbags and accessories feel that way because people might associate designer goods with being superficial, snooty, vain, what have you. To me, if they want to be judgemental, that's their problem.
  13. hmm i've never heard a bag being taboo? a knockoff bag is way taboo but a designer bag? its a good solid investment!
  14. Totally agree. For me, it comes to paying more money for better craftmanship and design (in general). And everyone has a "thing"- for me it's bags. When people judge, I think they are just reflecting their superficiality and pettiness (and jealousy ;) )
  15. I agree with everyone here. I hate having to justify why I bought a bag! So I never share my purchases really or try to avoid the question if possible.

    I don't know why people are so obsessed with other people's purchases.

    At work everyone knows I love purses and always see what new purse I have brought into work. Then one of my pharmacists would try to bag on which drives me insane. I don't want anyone touching my bag and asking me "Ohhh how much was this?" I have to try this on and see what a $500 bag feels like. Plus I take really good care of my bags and sometimes I get paranoid something might happen if someone else just tosses it around.

    One of the pharmacy clerks even called me a purse snob.