bag suggestions for busy working mum

  1. Ok here goes, I would like a 'nice' bag, not a break the bank bag ( under £400) to carry essentials (wallet, phone, agenda, packet of wipes, book) that is hard wearing ( preferably leather) that won't get water marks on it ( rains alot here in UK!) and that can be slung across the body if I need to carry my 2 year old. Wipe clean would be good but maybe asking a bit much! Black or brown. I liked the look of the coach duffle bag but they don't seem to sell them in UK. Any suggestions?

  2. Do they sell Kate Spade in the UK? Her prices are reasonable and there is a good variety of leather and microfiber. Higher in price, but the Louis vuitton monogram coated canvas is durable, and some have long straps or you can buy separate straps to attach.
  3. I was going to suggest a Mulberry, but that'll get rain marks (well, the tan leather does not too sure about the brown and black). They've got messenger styles too that can be slung across the body.

    I also thought of maybe LV epi leather - it's durable. And for most of the styles I think, you can buy a cross-body strap which would come in handy if you have to carry your 2-year old.

    I thought Tod's might be good as well, but I'm not too familiar with the styles or prices, but I have heard that they last forever.

    Hope that helps :smile:
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I've got a mulberry annie in oak darwin and am a bit paranoid about rainmarks and that is what has put me off the darwin messenger bags by mulberry. I'll have a look at LV and Kate Spade. Not a fan of logo's though so will look at the leather LV's. Thanks! Didn't realise you could buy the longer straps for the lv's!!!
  5. Also, I'm not sure about the pricing but have you considered Longchamp? I use one of their smaller travel bags and it comes with a long strap? Also Longchamp does very discrete black logo-ed material.