Bag suggestions? And UK stock help...

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  1. Hi! I'm going to the uk for Spring Break and I'm thinking of getting my first chanel bag there. I was going to get the new Maxi but that's a little out of my budget. Does anyone have suggestions for a bag that's about the size of a maxi or bigger and that's not more than 1500 pounds before VAT deduction? I'm mainly wanting a bag that's more structured than my workhorse Balenciaga work and can hold a decent number of things like my big Balenciaga money wallet, my moleskine diary, an umbrella, cell, various toiletry items and perhaps a book if need be. I was considering the GST (not so much the PST because I don't like the combination of its shape and size) and the timeless tote. Would you have any other suggestions for a bag? If someone could tell me the price for the GST and timeless tote (ooh, and colours!), that would be awesome as well. I've run a search but couldn't really find the UK prices for the bags; the prices are mainly for the reissues and the classic flaps. And I was wondering if the timeless tote actually is stocked in the uk currently. It might be a little useless thinking about the timeless tote if it's not being sold right now. Thank you so much for your help! Hopefully I'll have pictures of the bag to post up by March. I've really enjoyed looking at your gorgeous, gorgeous bags. :heart:
  2. My first thought was that the GST would be perfect for you. I know that the beige is in London right now, but if you are not coming until March, more fab colours could well be available.

    I do not know most up to date prices as I believe a 10 percent price increase was enforced today:sad:, so you would have to call boutiques for the most up to date prices, but just before you come I would recommend calling them for the most up to date bags that are in stock.

    Congrats on planning for a Chanel bag.
  3. Thank you! :smile: I probably need to go down to a shop and try things on in person but I'm trying to preempt being overwhelmed by bags when I go down so I'm trying to make up a list of things I want to try on. And it does suck about the price increase. :sad: Oh well... And then there is the question of where to buy from. T3 apparently is cheaper than anywhere else but I have to make sure that they have what I want. Oh logistics... I'm thinking that a beige GST or a grey one would be nice. I wonder what colours are coming out...