Bag Suggestion


being marc jacobs
Oct 16, 2009
Down Under
So thinking of getting my mum a bag for Christmas. She likes bags that have 'compartments' so she can organise her things in it easily. She currently uses a Marc Jacobs 'Blake', but I think that it is maybe a bit on the small side for the amount of stuff she carries.

So what I am after is a bag with similar dimensions (slightly larger) to the Blake, that has separate compartments, under $1000. It either has to be a shoulder bag, or one that is just carried on the arm (so not a crossbody/messenger).

I usually stick to MJ or Balenciaga myself, which don't really have what I am after. Any suggestions on the 'perfect' bag?


Jul 16, 2010
I was in the MJ boutique in London the other weekend and was interested to see the Classic Q High Schooly. From the outside it looks a bit like a Ukita but inside it's divided into 2 compartments. I saw it in a lovely green (sage) it would look classic in black, here at Nordstroms it's in a neutral.