Bag styles: Your favorites & suggestions

  1. I just wanted to see what everyone's favorite bag style is. Do you miss any of the old styles (angioletto, bella bella, carmellina, etc)? or prefer the new ones? (gioco, zucca) What other styles would you like to see? (maybe a checkbook style wallet? or a clutch? or a barrel shaped purse? perhaps the Spigga would look great in a huge beach tote style!)

    Also: Whenever you see a different print line, do you like the way that print looks on different style bags compared to previous ones? (ie you like the foresta gioco, but not the paradiso gioco?)

    I know me personally I like to pick which print looks best on which style bag... although I did originally want an Amore Stellina but I just saw a picture of the Amore gioco :heart: and now i'm TORN! :crybaby:
  2. I have the Bella from the first Toki print and love it:yes: .

    I recently bought the Gioco in Paradiso and Pirata and LOOOOOOVE:heart: :p them!!! I love their shape and size, they really can hold a lot, but if I don't carry much, they still hold their shape great.

    I also bought a Ciao in Inferno.....I bought this bag for when hands free shopping is a must...or for when I go to concerts and stuff. I love the Ciao size, it's perfect for a cell, camera, lipgloss and some credit cards and cash (a small wallet).

    I can't decide what I'll get from the Amore print yet.....the Gioco or the Ciao...desicions, decisions!!!
  3. I think my favorite bag style would be the bella bella. Although I don't own one. I've been told it is bigger than the bella. So it probably is the perfect style for me since I like that shape. I have a paradiso bella but there are times when I think the purse is a pain. Strap isn't long enough. Just fits my stuff.

    I think a checkbook wallet would be wonderful! Since I like a big fat wallet!

    It just depends on the print what style of bag to get. Some you want to capture the whole scene like foresta. So I got that one in BV. Where as paradiso and inferno you could go with a smaller bag. The adios star I think is tricky you would want to handpick that bag in person depending on which characters you want on your bag.
  4. Yes I'd love to see a checkbook style wallet!

    My favorite bag styles does change based on the print but overall the styles I like best are bambinone and bella (have two of each) for the small bags and buon viaggio for the larger bags. For really seeing the prints, the ciao ciao can't be beat.

    I hope to get a ciao amore and it's possible that may become my favorite once I have it:smile:
  5. I would love to see a style similar to the Campeggio come out, only very slightly smaller, and with the pockets on the sides instead of on the front. That would be my ideal Tokidoki bag style. But for now, the Campeggio is my favorite.
  6. has anyone ever actually bought the bocce?? i just feel like that bag is so small - what would you use it for?!

    what about the corriere? this is another bag i've never heard anyone talk about and i don't think ive even seen it in a store or on eBay before! does anyone have one? what do you think of it?

    i like the concept of the trenino - but in person it was WAY smaller than i expected! i was thinking i could use it for a long term trip, but its probably only really good for a weekender. I would LOVE to see a tokidoki luggage/travel bag - something durable with wheels!
  7. haha funnie cuz i thought the trenino was way bigger than i had expected...but definitely good for weekend trips which i do every weekend ^^ man tokidoki luggage would put me over! n talk about $$$$$!!!

    but my friend has a bocce..she loves it, cept the opening is way too small n she ripped it -.-
  8. I love the zucca! Its a bit big, but it fits everything! I can stuff it to the max, or leave it empty and it still looks really good! Zucca!!!!
  9. Yeah, I'm with Swtest2Lips. I like the zucca. When the Amore print comes out I want it with that bag style.
  10. I like the zucca and the campeggio but don't even own one of each yet! I'll have one pretty soon I'm sure LOL! Just hope I find the print I like. I'm a bit confused about waiting for other prints to come out first or getting the older ones:confused1:
  11. I think having matching Tokidoki umbrellas would be cool :supacool: Sure we can get the entire print on them :yes:
  12. My favourite styles are Bella and Gioco (thought I don't own one yet). I love the Bella beacuse its size is just ideal to go shopping
  13. i love my foresta ciao at the moment :biggrin: its not too big and not too small...just right for the stuff i carry (cell phone, wallet n keys)

    as for the corriere..i think that was big IMO..its like a sling messenger bag..

    hm..maybe have a tokidoki barrel bag?
  14. Holy crap that would be awesome! I'd have way too many umbrellas, then. :biggrin:

    I still want latte flip flops.

    And I also wish there was a messenger sort of style bag for my laptop -- not too big, and not with flap pockets on the front...a trenino but a third of the width!
  15. i want monkey flip flops and umbrella..haha its raining monkeys!