Bag styles available in the new prints

  1. I know this has been covered before, but I've searched a whole bunch of threads and can't find the one with this info. I remember seeing a list someone got from LeSportsac of what styles would or wouldn't be available in the new prints -- could someone post that again? Thanks a million!
  2. I believe it's listed on their website.
  3. I meant the future prints: famiglia, tutti, trasporto, and vacanze. Someone posted a while ago that they had emailed LS about what styles would be available in those prints, and they got an email back which didn't list the trenino or MM or a few of the other current bag styles.
  4. for the last two prints there will be no more...
    mamma mia

    (i forget where i found this... but i believe from casey at pulse)
  5. Thank you!