Bag Stuck In Customs....they Want My Ss#???

  1. Sorry....another customs issue here. I finally bought one of the bags I have been wanting from a friend overseas. I posted awhile back about wether to declare full value etc... I decided that it was too risky to underdeclare, so I told my friend to put the correct value and I would pay the customs fees. Now it says there is a "clearance delay", so I called and was told that they need either my social security number if the item is for personal use, or my tax ID number if the item is for commercial (resale) use.

    My friend marked it a gift.....why in earth would they think it was for commercial use? It's not like I bought 5 of the same bag. They want me to fax the info they requested. I am not crazy about having to fax my personal info. to anyone because I had a problem with identity theft a few years ago. Has this ever happened to anyone? I am more then a little upset by this. Thanks.
  2. I think you're totally right to be careful! I don't know if they normally ask for that. Is there any way you could look up the customs office online or in the phone book, to get a reliable externally-provided number, and call to make sure that they really need the info. Maybe there's some alternative information you could give them instead.
  3. What a strange story i am with Kimberf.
    Go check first before U give them al the info they wanted,
    this feels like big brother. And U where honest abouth the value????
    I dont understand them i have some troubles with hem in Holland also.
    They are so slow sometimes i would like to put a hot chilli peper in their A..S.
    Mostly i call them and says its a present and if they could make it fast.

    Hugs Fx:heart:
  4. That is so bizarre that they're asking for your SS #.

    When I bought stuff off of net-a-porter or BalParis, they always deliver the package first and then bill me later. All I had to do was pay the bill using my cc, no one has ever asked me to give up personal info like that!!!:cursing:

    Granted, the couriers used by net-a-porter and BalParis are Fedex and DHL, I really don't think the customs need your SS # to verify your identity? I think you should go to their website and do some research.

  5. It is DHL that is delivering the package. They are the ones who called me and said they need the info. I questioned why many times, but was told it was a random thing and that my package would not budge until they received the info., so I had to fax them it, and they called me right back and said that the item was being processed through. It is now on it's way according to the tracking. It might even be delivered today or maybe Monday. What a pain.
  6. This happened to me as well w/ DHL.
    I ordered an item from Styledrops in Italy.
    The package was held in customs, and they wanted my ss number faxed to them before they would release my package.

    I spent several days debating it. I made several phone calls (to US customs, DHL, etc) and complained about it. How can we feel comfortable faxing or emailing our ss number to a fax machine somewhere we are not familiar with??!! With todays problems w/ identity theft - it makes no sense. What is there's someone working at DHL that steals these numbers as they come over email or fax???! How are we to know??

    I was ready to tell them I was extremely uncomfortable doing this and made the decision to send the package back to Italy, when I received a return phone call from my local US Customs office. They called DHL and told them that they would take responsibility for id. DHL shipped the package there, and I personally went to pick it up. I showed my id (including ss) to the agent there in person to get my package.

    The agent agreed w/ me that it was a policy that needed changing.
    Why can't a simple photo driver's license suffice??

    And yes it's random.

    My advice is to call your local Custom's office and explain you are not comfortable faxing or emailing your ss number. Perhaps they will help you as they helped me.
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  8. do you have to pay a custom fee when the bag is coming from oversea and declared a gift? i've always been too afraid to buy oversea for the reasons of custom.
  9. wow, this is very informative thread. thanks for the information.
  10. i hope everything will work out ok and you'll get your bag soon! i know how it feels when a bag is stuck in custom for an extended time.
  11. It does not matter if the item is marked a gift - if the value is over a certain amount, you have to pay customs fees. This is the first time I have had anything shipped from overseas. I finally got my package, and I am relieved to say that the bag was not damaged in any way. I am now waiting to see if I get a bill for the customs fees (I'm sure I will)!
  12. Hi-
    this has happened to me a number of times with Fedex. I have had to give them my social sec number for personal items (or tax id if it was a commercial item). Its absolutely normal so dont worry. The bill comes about 3 weeks later with Fedex. They confirm your identity etc with your SSN, it is how the package clears customs. The information is processed by the broker (fedex) and gets pushed through customs. I have had to do this personally about a dozen times, anything over $100 usually requires this. Its absolutely normal so dont get alarmed.
  13. Yes, it's normal. But don't you agree this requirement needs to change??
    Faxing our ss number's with today's problems w/ identity theft.
    What's wrong w/ faxing a copy of our photo driver's license? I would think that would be even better as there's a photo along with our identification.
  14. can't wait to see your new bag!! please post pics.
  15. Well, I'm glad it's really customs and they really do ask for the info (even though it's kind of silly.) At least it's for real and your bag is on the way now! Can't wait to see it when you get it.