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  1. I am literally struggling with storing my bags. Any suggestion for the best and most efficient storage? (in limited space, because my closet is about to explode)..
  2. I keep mine in the dustbags and boxes so I can stack them.
  3. I do the same thing. I'm sure there are other ways that could save more space but I haven't got the time to chekc them out yet.
  4. I use to store all my bags in their dustbag and box but I realize when I do that I NEVER use my bag because its such a choir to find a specific bag. I trash most of my boxes because it just takes up too much room.
  5. I store all my bags in dustbags. I just started to ask for boxes and I'm going to start keeping my bags in there with dustbags.
  6. i put them in dustbags, stuff the bag with old tshirts/tissue paper, and put them in a box and then in a shopping bag which it came from. LOL.. its fun to unwrap again and again!
  7. i store mine in their dustbags and boxes and stack them as well.
  8. try a wall-mountain coat rack with lots of hooks. You can hang multiple bags and still be able to see them - and they'll keep their shape.
  9. wall-mounted, not wall-mountain
  10. i keep mine in boxes.
  11. if you hang them in hooks in your closet does it harm the bags?
  12. I keep all my boxes although I get tempted to throw them out cause I know they take up so much space but some boxes are so pretty (like the LV ones).
  13. If I had so many I wouldn't remember what was in them, I'd probably get a label maker and label the boxes.
    But, alas, I really only have a few and we have a big closet, so stacking it is for me now :smile:
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