Bag stolen at South Mimms Service station

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  1. That was a terrible thing to happen :nogood: Fantastic news that you now know who she is. I have everything crossed for you for a positive outcome, good luck!
  2. Any update on this?
  3. Hi all,

    Well, we are still trying to trace the woman with the name and location we have. The ex store detective man is very nice and seems genuine but the police aren't *that* helpful - after all, I suppose people are being murdered and there is more serious crime to investigate. We think her name is Christine and she originates from the Batford Road area of Harpenden, but that is all we know.

    We had another young lad call us and give a name that he was "100% sure about" and it turned out to be basically him making it up to be malicious about someone he doesn't like - he also demanded the £500 cash reward for the false information! Thankfully due to Facebook we quickly worked out he was lying and let the police deal with him.
  4. Wow what a story, I just read the whole thread! I hope they catch her soon for you and your mom! I know I would be devastated!
  5. I'm just catching up too...thought it might have a happy ending .but fingers still crossed for you....sounds a nasty witch so sadly your mums bag might be long gone but don't give up...maybe the new owner will have an ounce of decency if you can track her down
  6. I must admit, I was quite sceptical that the police would be even bothered, but you've been absolutely brilliant in getting that CCTV picture out, and the Store Detective is fantastic - puts your faith back in human nature (though not the stupid idiot who tried the scam with you - how cruel in the circumstances)

    I really hope you get some results here - trying to cheer you up a little here, but are you sure the picture isn't of Camilla Parker Bowles??
  7. Any updates? :sad:
  8. Hi all, (again!!!!)
    Not much to update really. Gumtree have now removed our ad, we spend around £150 posting it and updating it, bumping it to the top of the page etc. Then got an email saying It was in breach of their rules to post her photo on there - despite the fact around half of the bags for sale on there are fake!!
    So I had to take it down. I'm still circulating regularly on Facebook and twitter and all my friends and friends of friends etc (going as far as totally random strangers and their friends) are being brilliant in doing the same. I just feel that I can't rest until something is done or we get some sort of result!
    Dennis - the store detective - spoke to us a couple of weeks ago and said he was going into Harpenden to spread the word around, but after the scam, who knows who is genuine and who isn't? I was thinking of doing the same with some photos but it could just be a total waste of time as she could come from a totally different part of the country. I have read stories of people finding rings and stuff like after rafter 40 years which I guess gives some hope!
    Once again thank you all for your supports and lovely messages, it really means a lot x
  9. Hi - hope that you got my personal message of yesterday and that it was of some help: looks as if the item's now been removed. Kind regards, Janet
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