Bag stolen at South Mimms Service station

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  1. That's great news, I have put a post on my blog with the link too to see if anyone knows anything but I'm looking forward to an update on this.
  2. This sounds promising! fingers crossed for you.
  3. This sounds very promising! Fingers crossed for a happy ending.
  4. That's great news rosejane, hopefully the ex store detective is able to obtain this info so it can be passed on to the Police and the thief can be prosecuted for her actions. Keep us posted
  5. Fingers crossed for you!
  6. Love it when people put themselves out to help one another ....fingers crossed for a positive outcome x
  7. Brilliant progress! So glad to know there is justice in the world... Fingers crossed :balloon:
  8. We're keep our fingers crossed for you! Thanks for keeping us updated!
  9. Very promising news! I have my fingers crossed for you! X
  10. Fingers crossed for you!
  11. Fab news, hopefully your mum will have a resolution one way or the other in the next few days.
  12. My neighbour's big black cat jumped into my car this morning and literally sat on my choc bays - this is a good luck sign, Im sure xx
  13. Thats great news! Justice may finally be served!
  14. What great news and what a lovely kind man to take the trouble to contact you.....I really hope the police find this lady and your Mums bag xx
  15. that is fantastic to hear. I really hope you can recover some of the contents of the bag (and the bag itself!)
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