Bag stolen at South Mimms Service station

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  1. Hi all,

    Yes - please, if you can all post this on your Facebook and Twitter pages that would be absolutely fantastic!
    I have done so and the police man phoned my mother to say he had seen what I had put and was absolutely fine with it and was actually pleased to see that I was doing my bit to help.
    I have also posted this on Gumtree:

    No more news as of yet, I also think she has been into Waitrose. Looking at the shops at the main services Waitrose is really the only one that looks like it could have that colour carrier bag. I phoned the police yesterday and they said they'd follow it up so fingers crossed!
    Thank you all for your continuing concern and I shall keep you posted!
  2. I hope the police get her soon, it sounds like you're doing all the right things!
  3. I've put it my Facebook page, I have everything crossed that this lowlife gets caught and your mum gets her precious photos and bag back
  4. Have put it on mine too. Hopefully someone will admit to knowing her soon.
  5. Social media is brilliant for spreading word.

    Hope the police will catch her soon!
  6. Added it to my Facebook even though I'm miles away!
  7. I love the way you have put it on gumtree with her pic as well.
    I hope the word spreads quickly all over the country.
    You would make a gr8 policewoman.:police:
    Heres hoping and praying she gets caught very soon.
  8. Wow Rosie I'm so sorry to hear this- what a lowlife to have stolen from your mum!

    I'm not normally on the Mulberry forum here but heard about this through some other TPFers. Keep circulating that photo and fingers crossed for you.

    As an aside- I looked at your Gumtree link and just a heads up that at the bottom of the page there is a link to 'see all ads from this advertiser'. I noticed you've put up a 'Mulberry wanted' which is definitely a good trick to try and catch people selling your mums bag on but if the thief is smart they could check your other ads and realise it's a trick- so just wanted to point that out. Maybe you could set up a different Gumtree account for that ad?
  9. Hello again ladies,

    I think we have found the woman who stole the bag.
    A man emailed me tonight and told me her name and where she lives.
    He said she is a local alcoholic who is known to his local police force and a couple of years ago he was drinking in his local pub when the landlord asked him to take her home because she was drunk. She lives down the same road as his sister. She has been in the trouble with the police for theft and prostitution.
    He is an ex store detective and a very nice, friendly and helpful man who is going to do all he can to help us. He said he is 100% sure it is her.
    He's contacting his sister now to get the exact address for us. I highly doubt she still has the bag but I guess the police may be able to force that information out of her one way or another - I don't know.
    I shall keep you updated.
  10. What a stroke of luck wow lets pray they get her and everything is returned back to your mum xxx
  11. That's good news, she sounds lovely! Hope the police can get her for this.
  12. Fingers crossed for a happy ending for your mum .
  13. I hope this turns out well, horrible to have something stolen, especially something special like that.
  14. Looking more positive for you now. Hope the police manage to track her down. There are some nice people out there and this man sounds like one of them. Good luck!
  15. Look forward to the update of this.......:smile:
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