Bag squished in box - what to do?

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  1. The bag was obviously too big for the flat rate priority box it was mailed/stuffed in. One strap is deformed & one side is bent & misshapen. 😕 any suggestions on what to do? It's not SNAD but definitely not the way it looked before they stuffed it in the box 😔
  2. Does it pop back into its original shape or is it now damaged? If it goes back, I might write to the seller to let them know to use better packing in the future & I would include pics. If it doesn't go back to looking how it should I would assume that is a SNAD, but let's wait and see what the experts think.
  3. Thanks. No popping back. The right side is my concern - the left pops out like it should & is the same as the pics from eBay. But the right side is warped. Stuffing it might help? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397173098.818259.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397172985.624533.jpg
  4. It is up to the seller to pack the item properly to endure it arrives in the condition it is supposed to. If the deformities make you unhappy (I would not be happy with this) I would email the seller and explain your concerns. Tell her you are willing to give it a week or so to see if it pops back but it if does not that you would like to return the bag. If she doesn't agree you have a case for a SNAD IMO. And it is probably a good idea to get your concerns out early so you won't be accused of buyer's remorse down the road. And hopefully the next time she will use a bigger box.
  5. That handle is pretty bent out of shspe. It does qualify as SNAD if you receive it in a different condition than the way it was listed. It's a seller's responsibility to package it properly.
  6. Stuff it and warm it with a hair dryer on low. My SA at LV stuffed my brand new bag into a box yesterday, it's really not a huge deal. It'll be fine.

  7. OP, how new of a seller is this? I would definitely say something, even if the bag goes back into shape. That way she avoids such issues with other sales.
  8. Oh dear :tdown: Yeah, this should not have happened.

  9. Thanks everyone. I think I'll contact the seller to see what they say.

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  10. Update: seller was very professional & we negotiated to a $30 refund which I'm happy with. Thanks again for your advice & input!
  11. Glad it all worked out. It ended up costing the seller more in the long run than if she had packed it properly in the first place. Hopefully a lesson learned. :smile:
  12. glad it worked out for you
    I don't understand why something like this happens
    When I sell something I want to do everything possible to avoid the buyer having something to complain about. So if I pay a few dollars more for shipping, I'd rather do that than have a complaint.

  13. Glad:smile: it worked out