Bag special review :)

  1. Wow, thanks for posting. Those are some amazing bags! Was that in this month's issue?
  2. Its a weekly one. It's the issue dated 26 March.

    My OH has been picking it up for me for a few weeks, and it seems to have a similar addiction for bags!!!!!

  3. thanks for posting :smile:
  4. They got the mulberry bag wrong. It's not a brynmore satchel it's the belgrave!
  5. wow what an awsome posting! :smile: thanks!!

    so many bags to look @ in the article!
    i dont love the print ones,,, im just not a Print person,,,
    And i love so many of the tan bags i think i need to own just one, i tend to love deep browns and colors but maybe one tan wouldnt hurt cause man they look yummy!!!
  6. Thanks for sharing the review with us!
  7. Thank for posting. There are some cute bags on there.
  8. Thanks for posting!
  9. thanks for sharing!