Bag Spa Advice

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  1. I've just bought a pre-loved hampstead mm in damier azur, (I also have it in the ebene!). It's very clean, but has water marks on 2 of the corners (I knew this before buying). I want to sent it to a bag spa for repair as I'm worried i'll make it worse. Has anyone done this? What was the outcome, were you happy with the results?

    Thank You!
  2. Does the bag spa say they can remove water marks? To my knowledge, they can't be "removed". What they can do is darken the leather so you can't see it, or replace the leather.
  3. ^^ I agree with goodtaste
  4. Thank you ladies. I sent an email to lovin my bags. They say they can remove stains, but I'm sure you're right!
  5. Lovinmybags is a good place, I use their products to protect from water spots. I am very curious as to how they remove them!