Bag SOLD while waiting on additional authentication photos :(

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  1. #1 Mar 20, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2016
    I am so sad! I have just learned that very soonafter I posted an authentication request for a vintage Gucci bag, it sold. I've been waiting for additional photos to post to have it authenticated. (I thought I had made the request correctly, as I read the rules carefully, but I apparently did not read to the second rules post, so had to request more photos from the buyer).

    I truly do not think this is a coincidence, as this bag had been for sale for quite some time.

    How can I prevent this happening again? I understand I didn't post everything I needed to in the original request, but I basically advertised this bag for the seller! Whom, I might add, has never bothered to let me know it is sold. :sad:
  2. It happened to me a while back as well. I guess it's just a chance you take. I feel your pain.

  3. Thanks. I guess this was a big lesson.
  4. I had a vintage bag authenticated here (thank you so much) but I waited too long to buy it (it was a buy it now) and missed out. There will be another bag :smile: I'm still looking to replace my 1987 shoulder bag that was stolen...
  5. What a shame ATL! Unfortunately this is the price you pay when you authenticate...not the first or last time. Keep looking, fingers crossed!
  6. It's sad but I think it's better to be sure
  7. I'm so sorry that happened. I know you have to be really frustrated.

    I had something similar happen a while ago. I had been looking at a bag that sat on eBay for a while. The minute I posted that I was excited about the bag and was bidding on it, I ended up in a bidding war with one other person that I eventually lost. Unfortunately, there is no "honor" with lurkers. 😕 So I don't ever, ever, ever make a post about a bag til I own it.

    Here are the ways I prevent this: either I buy the item first (if I'm pretty sure it's authentic) then get authentication or I spend the $7-20 to have it authenticated through a reputable service while it's still listed and then buy.

    It's a shame that we can't always utilize the wonderful service that our lovely TPF'rs offer to us. But this is a public forum.