Bag sold...shipped...received...signed for by fake person at address...

  1. goes the story. I decided I needed to clean out a bit and listed some bags on eBay. Even though I know it's been a real pit lately, I thought I'd be lucky and scrape though without too much pain.:shame:

    WRONG....I listed an LV with a BIN on it. One girl wanted it right off and hit the BIN. When I list the cost to ship I do just that. I ship usually overnight USPS Express. She bought that one day and paid (Mon), I shipped the next day cross country (Tues). The package was delivered to the address the next day after that( Wed). However, the address was an apartment building. The package was signed for by somebody in the office. Nobody has a "clue" who the person was who signed for the bag. :push:

    My question is...who bears the brunt of the responsibility in this? The girl who bought it says she doesn't know who took it. I did my part...I don't think I should be out over $400. It was mailed insured, however she says somebody signed her name to it. I'm feeling very stressed over this as it's a sizeable amount.

    What are anybodys thoughts on this???:confused1:
  2. In my opinion, you are not liable. You sent the package signature required and someone signed for it.

    I hate to sound cynical, but she may be lying. I'd tell her she needs to investigate on her end.
  3. I don't see how you could control this-unless she had requested it be sent and released only to her. I am sorry you are having this stressful experience. If she paid via paypal would they insure this transaction or the post office?
  4. Oh lori...I just looked at her feed's 7, she has two negatives with a 81 percent she is new to eBay...only a couple of months. :sweatdrop: I'm so trusting...I guess I would believe anything. Thanks for the heads up...I'm going to look at it from all angles now.
  5. That happened to me once, I guess it must be common practice for apartment managers to sign....I told her to take it up with who signed for it and that the manager should be responsible once she took possesion.

    I never heard back from her again...
  6. 81% rating? 7 feedbacks? ID less than few months old? EEK. Yeah, I'd be pretty sure she's lying and just trying to get a free bag. This is why when I sell on ebay I check the buyer's feedback. If someone with this profile bid or BIN'ed a high-priced item I'd likely cancel her bid. It's just too risky these days, with buyers pulling so many scams.

    Even if she WAS telling the truth though, I highly doubt that Paypal or whatever will side with her. If someone actually forged her sig, it is HER responsibility to seek it out, NOT YOURS. There was no way you could have prevented this and so there is no reason you should be out the $$.
  7. You are SO sweet to be that trusting. I think its a good thing! Just not with this bidder. I think it would be wise to keep a log of all of her emails and take a screenshot of her feedback (well it can't hurt right?), just in case she tries to file through Paypal. See if you can get a copy of the signature from the post office. Also, you can always call and ask to speak to the actual post office that services her area. Let them know whats going on and see if they can tell you anything. it never hurts to ask for the manager :smile:

    I think it's a good idea to be prepared. She might be on her 10th user ID after all.
  8. I've read somewhere on the eBay help pages that once a parcel leaves the seller's hand at the post office, it is no longer their responsibility. Of course, the reality with chargebacks etc does not seem to accord with this - I've read so many posts about how insurance is to protect the seller, not the buyer!

    Perhaps if you can find something in writing, you could tell her that you've done your part and the responsibility to follow up rests with her...?
  9. OMG...the same thing is happening to me right now. I sold a brand new LV Tulum 2 weeks ago; the buyer paid right away; I shipped within 24 hrs; purchased delivery confirm & insurance; it was delivered but the buyer says she never received it. So who signed for it? She has since opened a dispute and escalated it to a claim and now it's in the hands of Paypal's resolution center. I don't know who Paypal will side with, but my thinking is that I did everything that I was supposed to do; according to good eBay seller practices; and just because someone other than the recipient signed for it, is it my fault? If Paypal sides with her, I'm going to lose my faith in them forever....:tdown:
  10. Paypal usually sides with the buyer I found. But if you insured the LV bag (or whatever it is you are sending) you can get the $$ back that way if Paypal doesn't side with you. Just another great reason to always insure and build that cost (insurance!)into your shipping costs. EVEN IF THE BUYER SAYS THEY DON"T WANT INSURANCE, you need it just for cases like this!! Either she's a crook, or the package really did get lost... Whatever, you are covered if you have the package insured!!!!
  11. OMG Damier - I'm so sorry to hear that.

    Every time I hear some horror stories I'm more and more afraid to start the (much needed) closet cleaning ...:sad:

    I hope that you will resolve the problem...I'm sending you some positive vibes :yes:

  12. Does the insurance still cover "loss" if the package was delivered and signed for? I'm curious as to how that would work.
  13. I spoke with 3 different PO's about this and they said that if the recipient didn't receive it, even though it was signed & delivered. I will be able to recover the "loss" from the PO because in my case, someone signed for it, the courier neglected to scan the insurance slip so they can't even provide a proof as to who, if it was the recipient, signed for it. I'd better be able to because I'm out a hefty $$ & someone has my brand new LV & is not returning it to the PO.:cursing: Just sick, sick, sick of this whole sh*#!!
  14. I don't know about the insurance, except to agree that it is for the SELLER's protection, but Paypal requires all transactions over $250 to have DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, not just insurance or signature confirmation. If you did not send your package with delivery confirmation, Paypal will likely side with the buyer and you will be out the purse and have to refund the monies.
  15. ^All transactions over $250 must have signature confirmation not just delivery confirmation.