Bag sold as "worn only once" - but it's broken and battered, what to do???

  1. Sorry for the long post.
    I won yet another Tanner Krolle Money bag - this time the Large (the one with the 3 pockets, in pewter - all the better! - I was wanting one since a long time). Here is the auction: - it states "worn only once". What I received today: the brass ring from the shoulderstrap is missing (broken off), so it's totally unusable (okay, I fixed it temporarily with some leather); the bottom and the corners are pretty much worn and blackened - so are the pipings and the cords; the little knotted balls are disfigured and hanging loose on half-broken strings; spots, scuffs, scars here & there, etc. etc. - looks like it was worn for years - or at least months, but heavily.
    Naturally, I poked around in the seller's feedback before contacting her, and found this: she bought the same (or one like it) bag on the 17. of Aug!! Here it is: (She even left this feedback: "very pleased!! A beautiful bag in fabulous condition and I shall use it a lot" - well she did, apparently) Then she relisted it with EXACTLY the same listing - she copy/pasted the orig. seller's auction (pictures & description).
    I contacted the original seller first - she was very nice & helpful, and confirmed that she sold the bag in a mint condition indeed to my (re)seller. (And was quite annoyed to hear about her entire listing being stolen.)
    Now I (politely) contacted "my" seller for a refund - or a serious partial refund (as in fact I can live with all those flaws - or get some of them fixed - , but I wouldn't have bid if I'd have known about them).
    These bags retailed originally for around £890. She bought it for £150 BO (in mint condition). I won it for £105 (plus £15 p&p - the actual postage was only £6.68, but I don't mind that...) There was another, brand new one (same style/colour) around the same time with £150 BIN, which ended without bids - would I've known, I would have gone for that instead... (I bought my other, medium one for £98 a few weeks back, new & unworn - they don't fetch a lot nowadays on eBay, regardless the original price...)
    What should I do: return it for a refund, or try to get a good discount (how much?), or just get on with it?
    If I return it, won't she sell it with second chance offer to someone unsuspecting?
    Is it possible to wear down a bag so much in less than a month - or did she sent me a different one perhaps, not what she bought in this August?
    Thanks for any advice!

  2. I'd like to see a picture of the damage before offering my opinion.
  3. I'd ask for a refund. Every time I'd look at the flaws, I'd be irritated.
  4. Some pics (took them with flash, they look better than IRL):
    The pewter finish is pretty much gone at some parts.
  5. - and a few more (the third shows how the little ball should look, it's from my other bag)

    Sorry I got the date wrong: she won it on the 5th of Aug, not on the 17th...
    tk.jpg tk2.jpg tk3.jpg tk4.jpg tk1.jpg
  6. if you are not happy with it and she is willing to take it back and give u a refund...
    then I'd say take it back...
    you can always get another one that would make you happy.
  7. i would tell her you want a 100% refund. She obviously got a mint bag used it quite often decided to sell it and never stated it's used condition if she gives you trouble open a dispute with paypal
  8. I would return it for a complete refund, and contact the other seller (the one that didn't sell) so you'll possibly end up with a mint bag in the end. If necessary, I think you'd have a good case with Paypal for SNAD, since the auction listing did not even use her own text and photos and you can prove that. Those little balls are the best part! :sad:
  9. Thanks for the photos! I totally agree wtih you. The damage is horrible and there is no way in the world it was worn one time.

    I would return it for a full refund and locate another one in mint condition.
  10. I would demand a full refund! And be sure to leave her negative feedback. I'd also report her to eBay for theft of the other seller' listing.
  11. I agree. I'd also file a PayPal SNAD dispute right away because you only have 45 days from the sale date to do so. If you mess around dealing with the seller and she's not cooperative, the 45 days could pass by really quick. Plus when you initially file the claim, PayPal does give the seller a chance to take care of it before you would actually escalate it to a claim for PayPal to decide the outcome. Sounds like your seller trashed the bag. Hope everything works out for you!
  12. I am so sorry-- she definitely used that bag, a lot :tdown: You have photo documentation, which could only help your case. The good thing is, Paypal usually sides with buyers in this kind of circumstance, even without having to get into photos. So I agree, file that SNAD as soon as you can. And keep us posted, good luck :flowers:
  13. I had a similar situation. I purchased a LV tango advertised as like new and use hand had full of times, the pics looked great. When I received it, it looked like it was used a hand full of years, it had a musty stink and it was dirty, damaged, cracked. I contacted the seller STR0957, she claimed she doesn't know what I was talking about and refused to give me a refund. I then went to ebay and they told me to go to paypal since I paid thru them so I did. Paypal gave me this BS that everyone has their own interpretation of an item and that as long as it is in usuable condition, I they will not give me a refund and that I must get it evaluated and faxed to them. I brought me LV to a second hand shop for the appraisal with the condition stated. A wast of my 25.00 for this appraisal letter. Paypal denied my claim because it does not affect the use of this bag. They even froze my account because then I went to my credit card company to have them dispute this claim.

    Enough said, both paypal and ebay really doesn't care as long as they got their fees in their pocket. I got a piece of garbage and sold it at half the price I paid for. Seller's name is Irene Strickland from Missori, shame on you lady, just remember what goes around will come around.
  14. Thanks a lot for all your advice and support!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    ^ fantastic_3 - I'm terribly sorry to hear it happened to you, it was totally outrageous, both from paypal and from that crook of a seller!

    I opened a paypal dispute now, after receiving a pretty rude message rom the seller - she basically accused me with "tampering" with the bag, harrassing her with "silly arguments" and "trying to pull easy tricks" blah. :wtf:

    She even wrote she never used the bag but kept it in her closet while she was on holidays - ha! that was my first thought when I saw the bag; it looks like it had a proper good adventure-holiday (rock-climbing, swordfight, roughing it in the desert, you name it...)
  15. ^^^^ita do not empower a dishonest vendor. You said you found another one on ebay, so obviously there's more out there. Wait, you'll get the right bag.