Bag snob....

  1. I have become a bag snob and will not carry anything less than a Prada or Gucci. If it is not really high end I will not give it the time of day. I use to be able to carry other bags like Juicy Couture and Coach but, lately I have become a bag snob and do not take out my Coach or Juicy bags because they are less expessive bags and I feel that my Gucci's, MJ and Prada's are better bags. Certainly I do not want to be a bag snob but, I have become one. Now I only want to buy the higher end bags. Thank godness I am not into Hermes otherwise I would be in major debt. ANyone else experience this????
  2. yes, I'm totally going through the same thing! that is why I"m selling all of my other bags. I just bought my first Chanel a month ago (ironically from another PF member on ebay) then this week I purchased my first "brand new" Chanel--it's not even here yet. So I have no desire to carry my other bags, I feel like it would be going backwards.
  3. to a degree I would never be caught dead with Dooney.

    I also avoid bags that scream Coach as I think they are tacky and also often date themselves as with the patchwork bags.
  4. I think most of us here in one way or another.
    Some of us are bag snobs and only love Coach, some of us only ove Chanel. . . .
    I don't think it's snobby unless you're looking down on others don't agree w/ your choice of brand. Otherwise I think we all just kind of realize that we favor certain designers.
  5. I think most of us who are bag people go through this evolution in bags - similar to other things in life I guess :smile:

    I started off carrying Coach and Burberry with only one LV, then I sold off most of the starter bags, and only carry Chanel, LV and Balenciaga now (I don't even like Prada anymore!!) I'm hoping to get an Hermes in the next year or so, and it's scary how your price threshold changes - now I don't bat an eyelash for $1000!
  6. After owning higher end bags and accessories (e.g. LV, Donna Karan), I tend to scrutinize the quality of bags more, and I am more picky. For example, I went to Marshall Field's and looked at some Dooney bags. I noticed that one little stitch was off on a bag and I put it down. There was no way in hell I was going to buy a bag with a crooked stitch.
  7. I am more drawn to LV, Chanel, and MJ but if there is a style that catches my eye even if it is from Target I don't mind having it.
  8. I often wonder if I am becoming a bag snob myself. I recently purchased 3 MJ items and find it hard to wear my coach. I do carry Botkier though.
  9. its ok to be a bag snob if thats the definiton:smile:

    I don't use my LV's much anymore either because I mostly use my Chanels only nowadays. I only use my Gucci tote when I know my bag needs to be thrown on the floor and its ready for major abuse. lol. And in fact I feel like Gucci fabric prints should be worn on my feet and not as a hand bag. Soooo I think its normal to be a bag snob. Everyone's at a different stage in the bag snobbishness I think. ( I hope no one is offended)

    I mean ladies would only collect Hermes might see Chanel, LV items as "hard to wear".... so its all a matter of opinion.
  10. This is me. Just in the past week I went from Dooney to MJ to LV to Target (Isaac Mizrahi). Tomorrow? Probably Tumi. :yes:
  11. Hmmm, I went through that a long time ago with Gucci, but now I buy what I like...from Hermes to target. The only difference is the less expensive bags tend to get 'recycled' faster.
  12. This is a difficult question to answer. After buying such high quality bags I have come to expect that kind of quality from everything I carry. If a bag is made poorly I will not want to wear it. There are some brands I simply do not like (regardless of price) because of their style. Also, there are some brands I prefer - mainly because I am satisfied with the style/product. So I guess I am a snob. :P
  13. I think I am definitely turning into a bag snob more and more each day. I like the finer things in life. Unfortunately, my bank account can't always support my expensive habits and I have to be careful at times.

    I do try to get the high end bags at great deals and prices. This forum has been a huge help with that. The Deals and Steals thread is great and I have ordered several bags at great discounts because of it.

    So, I try to buy things that will be in style forever. Classic and timeless. Hunt down those bagains.
  14. I've gone up the hill and back down. I wore Coach for 12 years or so and never gave it a second thought, then, thru the magic of Ebay I went crazy and bought a ton of (authentic) LVs, Pradas, Tods, Marc Jacobs, etc. For about 2 years I was a full-blown bag snob. Even considered Hermes - although I wasn't planning to use Ebay for that. When I started thinking about saving for and spending $4000+ on a handbag that I would have to lie about to dh I realized it wasn't worth it.

    I also read an ebay desciption from a seller who was selling a natural veg tanned leather MJ tote and she wrote "I bought this new for $950 and I'm a stay at home mom. I took it to the grocery store and put my daughter in the cart with the bag. When she put her feet on it I got mad at her. I don't want to be that kind of mom. It's not worth it to me.' Wow. That story stopped me in my tracks because I had two toddler boys then and I was constantly telling them not to touch my purse. I didn't yell at them but it was a distraction that it shouldn't have been.

    I slowed down buying bags and then stopped completely six months ago and over that past year I switched to Target and the two bags I purchased pre-owned that I never cared that much about. I still carry my 'good' bags to work but I don't bother on the weekends and I feel so much better about it.

    I wouldn't even think of buying Hermes now. 10 years when the kids are gone and I have money lying around, who knows?
  15. I suppose that doesn't apply solely to bags. As human beings, we all love to get at least something of equivalent value of what we own now or better.