Bag Snob is very anti Chloe

  1. Do you guys read ? They're really anti Chloe and kind of seem to think Chloe is 'over'. I really have to disagree, I think Chloe has had some duds, but I think they are at least trying to put new designs out there each season.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Yes I totally agree....they put chloe bags down like theres no tomorrow!!!!

    I think Chloe designs are very edgy and different....
  3. meh, who cares!? Really, who even cares what I think, ya know?
    I can't be bothered about someone else disliking what I like :nogood:
  4. I don't care for the bagsnob. She thinks she's the end-all, be-all. I read her a few times and thought that's enough.
  5. don't know about that one but don't think i'll even stop to think about it!CHLOE IS DEFINITELY "IN", that's my thought...:tup:
  6. I love the style of Chloe but they stay in the closet because their too heavy for me.... I think I just like the look of the leather.....
  7. I never listen to these comments not everyone likes the same thing- but what you like is all that counts
  8. I agree:yes:... I don't give a s***, i will carry what I like...
  9. It is unfortunate that some people cannot seem to appreciate the beautiful bags chloe has come out with. However, what matters is that you carry what you love !! Life is too short to bother with making some stranger like the bag:yes: i'm carrying!
  10. Who cares! Love what I have, love their leather, can't wait to get more!
  11. I am amazed at how much power the Bag Snob has when it comes to publicity and the like. The brands want to placate these gals and always try to butter them up with free purses. I would like to have my own blog and decree what I think about everything and have everybody JUMP when I say so - LOL! What do you think? I will decree that Chloe is the only bag worth having and anybody that doesn't think so is a big fat unfashionable creep!
  12. Go for it, Divnananta!
  13. I love it! The new, improved Bag Snob that "GETS" Chloe!

    I can't wait, a couple more days and I can start wearing my new Bay, my first Chloe!!
  14. Well, TELL IT GIRLS!!!!
  15. I agree....I carry what I love and I love my Chloes. As far as Chloe 'being over'.......why is it that there is still a hugh demand, and, at most of the sales, Chloe's are usually the first to go, especially the Paddy's.
    In my opinion, Chloe has an edge that's missing in a lot of other bags.