Bag smells of smoke & refund offered have question

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  1. I bought a purse on ebay and received it yesterday, when I opened the box I could immediately smell the smoke. Although the seller listed "sold as is" I did message her prior to bidding about it having issues- as you can see by the conversation she will refund purchase price but is asking me to pay return shipping. Considering I did contact her beforehand about any other issues with the bag, should I be responsible for return shipping? Thanks in advance for any advice! EDIT: or should I just suck it up and eat the shipping?

    ME: Hi- saw this listing and interested in bag- I noticed the "sold as is" but also not holes, tears, stains- are there any issues worth mentioning before i bid? I saw the close up of the corner, but hard to tell in pic- how is the wear around the edging of the bag?


    I appreciate your interest in the Fossil Bag. To answer your questions, there are no issues to mention and very minor wear around the edging, normal, if any. To be honest it's a really nice bag, and if it didn't sell, I was going to keep it for myself to use.

    Hope my answers have helped you. Have a great day!

    Many Thanks,


    I just wanted to let you know that I received the bag, which is in beautiful condition as you stated previously. The only disappointment I have is the purse has smells of cigarette smoke. Although not grossly overbearing, it was very noticeable upon opening packaging and I am not sure where to begin to even get the smell out. I can't carry it b/c just of whiff of it gets to me. So I don't know if the bag was previously in a smokers home, but it's pretty obvious.



    Hello .

    So sorry to hear of the cigarette smoke smell. It very well could have come from someone who smoked, I just don't know. I purchased it a couple weeks ago at a thrift store, so I really dont know it's history.

    If you would like to return the bag to me at your cost, I will be more than happy to issue you a refund for your purchase price. That's the only thing I know to do since the smell is to overwhelming for you. Again, my apologies for the smell.

    Please let me know if you will be shipping it back, and when you will send it. Once it has arrived, I will then refund your purchase price.

    Many Thanks,
  2. Yes you are responsible for return shipping
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    Stay away from missionavestudio. I bought "Vintage Alligator Skin Leather Storage Boxes, Pair" on ebay. I didn't pay a lot of money ($160), but still, I don't want to lose it either. They're cheap fakes and I would not have bought this had it been accurately described. They're not alligator, they're not vintage and that was evident as soon as I opened the box. The next thing I did was ask the seller how he determined these were alligator, he said it "was obvious" on inspection. (It was just as obvious to me they weren't). Just to be sure, I checked it out with someone who restores leather. He laughed at me. These were made yesterday and are just stamped-a poor imitation. When I next contacted the seller, he demanded that I provide a written statement from the third party who told me this, supported by the basis for his opinion (for $160), which I have since provided. Now he wants to investigate stating there are "many aspects," to this situation! What is there to investigate? All this for $160. Unbelievable.
    Total scammer. With 1 feedback under his belt, this is a very poor start. Stay away at all costs.
  4. You didn't specifically ask about the odor in the original email, so it may be your responsibility to pay for return shipping. Depends on how much the bag is, it may not be worth it to return. The odor may come out after airing it for a few days.
  5. thanks for the responses :smile:
  6. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity. Most people just get a whiff and are able to detect an odor.......................I am not one of those people.
    Even if you filed SNAD the return shipping would be on you.
    I bought a load of poly mailers for shipping and when I opened them the smell just about knocked me over................I could just imagine the complaints about 'reeking of smoke' that I would receive if I used them. I clothespinned them to the lattice out on my patio and left them there. After a few days they smelled clean and fresh.
    I realize that it might be different with a bag............but it might also be worth a try if you could hang it outside.
  7. Thanks Poopsie- I have been doing research on here & online to see what methods are available to remove the smoke smell, and there are several different ways, and vary in lengths of time. But with my luck, the odor won't go away and I really cannot stand cigarette smoke. I have contacted the seller and told her I would return ship tomorrow or Monday.

    BTW- I TOTALLY agree with your siggy- ADOPT!!! (and spay & neuter!)

    Have a great weekend ladies!

  8. Good decision. Some noses are more sensitive than others and, for me, some smells seem to linger on and on. An unpleasant smell is a big detractor for me.

    The seller has been very reasonable on this as have you. A good outcome all around I would say.
  9. I once bought a bag from ebay that was in beautiful condition but smelled horrible, not smoke but very offensive. I aired it out for three days (taking it inside late afternoon and putting it back ouside in the mornings) then I filled a cup with baking soda, zipped the bag closed, changed the baking soda 4 or 5 days later, left for a week and voila!! bag odor completely gone!! lol u do need to be patient.
  10. Unfortunately, the return shipping is on you....