Bag smells like cigarette smoke!

  1. Hi everyone I have a black coach signature duffle. The one where it has the tassle on the zipper. I bought it from someone for a steal! only 100 dollars but it smells like smoke any idea on how i can get it out? Thanks!
  2. put a couple of dryer sheets in it, zip it up, and then put the purse in the dustbag with another couple dryer sheets. takes the smell right out! (that's happened to me with eBay bags before too). I usually leave it for like 48 hrs if I can
  3. Thanks sounds good!
  4. works like a charm and doesn't damage the leather or fabric (febreeze works good too, but you have to be careful not to get it on the leather, only the signature fabric)
  5. Ya i tried febreeze, tommy girl perfume, victoria secret body spay, hahah i will definetly try the sheets tonight. Thanks!
  6. I would avoid the perfume, that doesn't take the smell out, it just masks it.
  7. That's exactly what I have done, too... Works GREAT!

    Only one time did I have a bag that was SO bad that it didn't work... I ended up using activated charcoal (the stuff you buy in the pet dept. for fish tanks) and zipped it up inside the purse and worked like a charm!
  8. The charcoal idea sounds great! Thank you for all the great tips!!
  9. Okay now what is this stuff that your talking about? Charcoal? huh hahah. I dont have any pets, unless you consider my husband one.
  10. This may not help, but my patio has become a hangout for my doggies and throughout time, it's started to smell like a puppy kennel :smile:

    So I found something at Walmart that has worked wonders. They have a small section just for pet odor elimination, and they have mesh bags of lava rock material. I bought one just to see if it would work..and my gosh, it DOES! Plus the great thing about it is that you can put it out in the sun for 6 hrs or so to reactivate it..will last forever.

    Mesh bag prevents any mess and would be perfect to put inside a stanky bag! Try it! :smile:
  11. had to put cat box in my computer room....long story, well of course no matter what kind of litter I use it smells like a cat box. I will try this Lava idea and see if it works....Thanks.
    I had a leather coach bag that no matter what I did could not get the smell out, tossed the I wish this board had existed then!
  12. thanks for all the great tips!

    congrats on getting the duffel at a good price btw!
  13. Any pet section or pet store has this and it's dirt cheap! I get mine at Walmart. Actually, I make soap with it (based on the Lush charcoal soap) and have it on hand all the time.

    It seriously eliminates odors! I had a smoker in my car one time and she didn't want to crack the window because it was pouring rain outside... finally stuck my charcoal in the car overnight -- odor was gone in the morning!
  14. Another idea that I've heard works well is to put kitty litter in the bottom of a garbage bag, hang your purse and tie the garbage bag up and over so your purse is totally tied inside the garbage bag but not touching the litter. I've never tried it but I heard that it works well. :shrugs:
  15. *reads and learns*

    great suggestions i will have to remember them all!