Bag smell help?

  1. I bought a bag on eBay and it smells very perfumey and I really want to get rid of the smell -- any ideas how I can do that?
  2. What is the bag made of? You could try sealing it in a plastic bag with a box of baking soda (the kind you put in the fridge)
  3. haha i know you all are going to laugh, but lol.. put it in the freezer for 48 hours. totally works! when i take a purse out and it gets to smelling like smoke due to a club etc... it takes the smell right out
  4. Ooh, I'll have to try putting mine in the freezer! My Juicy Couture bag stunk of purfume so I just sprayed it with even more of my own :/ not nice haha.
  5. Putting it in the freezer won't do anything to the leather, right?
  6. sometimes just having the bag in your environment will help...if you are afraid of the freezer - just let it sit out of its duster for a few days in your closet - it should begin absorbing the smells in your closet soon.

    I do know that when a bag is shipped and contained in a box getting hot it smells the strongest - it can take 24-48 hours for that to subside.
  7. so far so good. i put my LV epi in before i went to bore-lando and it seems fine!
  8. The freezer! I have to try that, some of my bags smell like smoke (clubs & my boyfriend smokes) the smell drives me crazy. I am a little wary to do it with leather, but suede and LV canvas, I am going to have to try.
  9. Just got a vintage Dior in monogram canvas today. It totally stinks. Can I try putting it in the freezer? Seems a bit scary..