Bag Slump....

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  1. Hey all! I've been feeling a bit sad lately because I'm in a bag slump...seriously there aren't any bags out there that get me excited. I'm not sure if its because there aren't any designs that appeal to me, or maybe I'm just bag'd out:sad: :Push:

    Today my SA called me about the gaucho, and when I got there I didn't instantly feel the love like I should have:sad2: Then I went to Hermes and was further demoralized when they didn't have the black 35cm Kelly with magenta accents. I swear I've walked in there several times and its been there...that was exactly what I needed to get me back into the game...but it wasnt there...they did have the brown and magenta, but for that kind of money I want to get my first choice. To my dismay I also found out that it isn't available to special order.

    I have no idea wtf is wrong these days, but I need to get back on the bag train. Someone pls inspire me!:wacko: :nuts: :idea:
  2. That sucks about the gaucho, I hate it when you see a bag online or in a magazine and think it's great, but then see it in real life it's not what you thought. Something will come along that will sweep you off your feet, don't worry! :biggrin:
  3. noriko... i have a crush on the new tod's bag, have you seen them?
    and i am very much in love with my gerard darel, and it is not at all expensive!! (250 euros in italy, that is probbly 320 dollars)
  4. Can't help with inspiration. I am waiting to see what lands in the mall. I must see them and touch them before getting one too. There aren't enough that I love right now either.
  5. Wow, how funny we posted the same about the Darel bag. Same minute same thought:lol:

    I just said to Fayden I was looking at Tods too.:love:
  6. Isn't that the worst? :sad: I bought a Calvin Klein bag 2wks ago and haven't seen anything since that had that "WoW" factor for me. (Hence my avitar quote.)
  7. that is sooo nice :love:
    i loooove your tastes!!!!:love:
  8. I had the same experience with mono canvas mizi plus the bag was a little too big for me so I didn't buy it but the Spy and the reissue chanel got me back into the game. I am too still waiting for new perfect bag for spring and summer.

    How about Chanel? My SA told me last week that Chanel has many new colours for s/s 2006. I saw two purple and one red one at the butique in NM and they look gorgeous! Maybe that will excite you a little? Or new Fendy Spy bag:nuts: !
  9. you get your groove back - something will come along! a lot of spring stuff has yet to debut.
  10. Noriko,
    Do you have your wonderful bags on the showcase thread? I could not find it...I know you have quite a few spectacular handbags... Did I just miss it?
  11. I am thinking it's got nothing to do with bags. You might need a little romance to pump you up, maybe things will change after you ask the SA out. You might want to look for an outfit and a bag for the date, it's a good start, no?
  12. yeah, i know what you mean. haven't been really excited about a bag for quite some time.
  13. Something will catch your eye eventually.. and most people tend to buy in sprees anyways, so when you make your bag collecting comeback, just make it big ! ;)
  14. know how you feel, i was so set on the gaucho, now i'm not so sure, have to see it in person. other than that there isn't many bags on my list. either another balenciaga? maybe the novak? i haven't seen anything new either that i love.
  15. Yeah me too! I was shopping yesterday, didn't like anything in Coach, held a creme colored paddy and didn't like the leather actually, and it was heavy--the strap kept falling off. Then I held a grey balenciaga, love the color and style, but didn't really love the new leather. After seeing them in real life, I wasn't that inspired. If they were cheaper, maybe, but at this point only my LV has been worth that price. I went to Banana last weekend and once I saw the tangiers triangle, i didn't love it either! I guess no new bags for me for a while! :sad: