Bag sizing... and your thoughts

  1. What bags did you think would be great for whatever and the size would be perfect until either you bought it or saw it irl ?

    For me this weekend I was in Lv Toronto.. great day all in all
    but i had been thinking a manhattan pm would be nice, and not to mention lighter then the gm.
    After not only seeing it in the store and thinking OMG that is little i was it on a person and now would have to go for the GM

    Also the mono trouville, I saw it on the store and thoughts :wtf: omg its too small.

    Now keeping in mind i didnt man handle these bags and put my stuff into them. so that could make a different, but just from looking at both i'd say very close to the speedy 25 in size :confused1:

    What about you ?
  2. the BH always looks lovely, and not too big/wide at all, but when i tried it on IRL, way to wide for me, def does not look that way on others. i was surprised.....
  3. Ribera mini - it looks super cute from the front, but it's quite bulky.
  4. The lockit horizontal is huge! i saw a girl with one a couple of weeks ago and it was lovely, don't get me wrong - but it was a lot larger that it looks sitting at the boutique counter.
  5. The KEEPALL 55. It's too big for what I was planning to use it for. But at least I have an excuse for getting a new bag. :nuts:
  6. The manhattan pm. I finally got to try it on in the store and it looked way too small. However, I always loved the style of the manhattan gm but thought it was too big. When I tried it on in the boutique, it was perfect......
    I also saw a lady carrying the LH and it was gorgeous. When I see it being modeled on this forum it always looks too big to me. I guess some bags have to be seen IRL.
  7. I am tired of all my larger bags, the speedy, the Vavin GM and the Samur (spelling?).... I feel the pochette is too small, my other LV with the leather bottom is a small shoulder bag. it's good when you don't need to carry much. The pap30 is nice, but I don't use it as much as I thought I would.
    I was just so tired of large bags and how they seem to take a life of their own and grow and it amazes me what I always end up carrying (of course a lot of it comes from my kids giving me things). So I decided to try to downsize and find a bag that will work. Right now I am in love with the Vernis Reade PM tote for Valentines Day, I just bought the vernis small agenda and LOVE it, this is my first vernis piece.....(not counting the lavender ludrow wallet I returned because of a defective snap). I really like the thought of a small tote. The small lockit is also on my list but my friend was at LV and said it is bigger than one would think, so this is something I have to see in person. I think the Sophie bag would work for me because I love the long strap and size and I could just put a few things in it. I still hope it eventually might make its way to the US. It is really refreshing not to carry a ton of stuff in your purse. I just wish I could make up my mind and pick a bag soon.
  8. I knew the reade pm was small, but thought it would be a good little's not little, it's tiny!
  9. before going to the boutique to purchase my speedy I was already thinking of getting the 30...but when I saw it it was kinda small..and looked at the 35. I had to debate a few minutes to decide between the two...

    also, when I went to TO last november, I looked at the LH and I thought it would be a lot bigger, but it wasn't..but in this case is a good thing! I think it's the perfect size for everday!
  10. I agree here, the pic's ove seen on the forum help and sort of gives you an idea but irl its different. I mentioned to my b'f i wanted this bag and showed him pic's if it with stuff and he said it wasnt big enough. I have to carry a large bag with him otherwise i have issues. Anyhooo after showing him pic's he said wasnt sold on it :shrugs: like i really cared :rolleyes:
    well after seeing it in the store on saturday and a lady in the stire carrying it he was SOLD!
    totally changed his option.
  11. I agree this bag isnt any bigger then a speedy 25, just easier to get into and see stuff.
  12. I have a Mono Speedy 30 and love it. Then, I special ordered the Damier Speedy 25 over 2 yrs ago... loved it but then realised that it was too small for my needs. I still have it but don't use it very often. I'm hoping that my co-worker will buy it from me since she's already bought two of my other LVs!
  13. Hmm..I thought the MC Shirley would be a lot larger, then I saw it in the store and was surprised at how tiny it was.
    Also, I thought the Miroir Pochette would be a lot smaller from all the pics I saw, but was pleasantly surprised at how much larger it was.

  14. :yes:
    yeah, me too...... i'm only 5'1" and it made me look even smaller.......

    i still love seeing it on others though
  15. The Eye series....they so big in pictures but they are actually quite tiny!
    The Le Tal...looks small in pictures, but is really a nice size IRL.