bag size to height question.

  1. i'm hoping someone has a shoulder tote and is about my height. i'm wanting the signature shoulder tote in khaki and chestnut. But i'm unsure if it may be too big for me to carry. Or would look too big i suppose. i'm 5'2" ......does anyone around this height have this bag? or a similar bag?
  2. the closest thing i have is the medium carryall that i made my mom try on (she's 5'3"-ish).
    the shoulder tote is a little bigger than my bag, and i honestly think it's too big. i think if you're more petite, you should probably stick with a slightly smaller bag (and if you're taller/larger, you should probably not have smaller bags)...but that's just my opinion.
    even if you do the 'try it on' thing on the site, the bag looks huge on a petite body. it might be overpowering..?
  3. I have this bag & I'm 5'2"...hold on I'll try to take a pic. Don't mind my clothes I'm still in my Pjs.
  4. Ok here is a pic...I'm kind of dirty considering I'm painting my bathroom & sneaking on here every so often. The tote rests just at my hip, I love my tote. Never had any second thoughts.
  5. Eh.. I'm 5'2" and I have huuuuge bags... I don't really care. I think it looks great on pursefanatic!
  6. thank you for your opinions everyone.
    Pursefanatic: that is way cute!!!! thanks!
    i think i'm just going to go get it.
  7. Your welcome...Please post pics when you do get it!!! I love big bags too...I have an even bigger Coach tote than that & rest at my mid thigh. It's huge but I love it.
  8. Pursefanatic:::::oh....if you have any pics of those please post them! i think i just love the bigger bags :smile:
  9. I'm 5' 1" and I have 2 shoulder totes that I bought this summer and I LOVE them. They are by far my favorite style of any bag I own, aside from my LV petit Noe. In fact, I am considering getting another shoulder tote in black!
  10. Here is the bigger bag I was talking about bought it at the outlet for about $90.00. Great bag for the money!
  11. ^^^ That bag looks fabulous on you ! :yes:
  12. i love that, Pursefanatic. looks very good!