Bag size and Perception

  1. I find it hard to determine actually how big or small a bag is when the advertising is putting bags on waif like models. Is this bag that huge or is this girl seriously small? Look at her arms. It looks like the bag is to heavy for her to carry.
    When you haven't seen a bag in person, and are buying online it would be nice to see bags on several models in different sizes, or at least models who are a more "average" weight of most American Women.
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  2. Eck. This is so true. That bag looks sweet though. Kooba?
  3. ha ah ha... yeah, sometimes it's hard to measure. that's why lots of stickies in this forum about real people and their bag comparisons
  4. I personally love it when forum members (of all sizes and shapes) post pictures of themselves wearing their bags. It really helps to see the bag on a person!

    So a big thanks to all of you that post pictures!
  5. :yes: So true.
    :yahoo: Thanks!
  6. it looks like the bag is going to break her arm off it's so big
  7. I just bought 3 bags from NM (Kooba Whipstitched, IF Studded Hobo and a Botkier Emily bag) and they arrived today. They're HUGE, just like the one in the pic! I was expecting them to be 1/3 to 1/2 smaller than they actually turned out to be. So I too wish they'd post bag pics with models more often. They're bigger than I'm used to but I'm sure I'll get over it (after I get through all the ribbing I'll get from my friends about the "luggage" I'm carrying around).
  8. I stated buying handbags off of e-bay and finally had to resort to pulling out a tape measure out of my desk at work or at home so I could get an idea of what size I was buying. Now I have some bags that are the perfect size so I try to keep those dimensions in my mind when looking on-line.

    There is one store (can't remember which one) which when it shows you how a bag will look on you, actually has you check your height (I'm 5'6" so they show a picture of someone within a few inches of my height) and I think this helps alot. So petite, medium and tall people all get a different picture of the bag on them. I think that is very smart!

    For some reason most bags look bigger to me in the pictures than they do in person so I really pay attention to the inches of length and height, the width doesn't matter that much to me.

    I actually hate how some bags look on someone like Nicole Richie when she is super thin and wears these huge bags which look like they should be suitcases for her. I think she and the bag look bad when the bag might look fine on a normal sized person. Peggy
  9. OMG it looks like the bag's eating her arm! O_O

    I think it does help to see a picture of someone actually holding the bag though. I'm not very good at judging the size of something based on the dimensions given and a picture...
  10. Kooba Carla's are big but with such an anorexic model, it makes the bag appear even bigger. I like big bags (kooba's and IF's) but what kills me is when I am going back and forth to different sites to get different pics of the bag and all the dimentions are different on every site, and sometimes by several inches.
  11. Good thread! You really do have to use a tape measure when buying a bag online. What looks like a nice sized bag on Nicole Ritchie ends up looking like a clutch on me somehow....
  12. I also keep a tape measurer right here by my keyboard. I am always pulling it out. I have measured my favorite bags and KNOW I at least need 12 inches across for a purse to be functional to me. I like a depth of 3-4 inches. So I keep this in mind. I really like my IF Audra which is like 17 across.
    According to Shopbop where I got the Pic this bag is only 13 by 13 and 6 deep. It sure looks bigger than that from this view.
  13. offers this function. It is definitely something that all handbag sites should offer.
  14. That's a great idea, I wish more retail websites would do this!
  15. Re the Coach model. How big is she supposed to be? How petite is petite. I try some of the bags on me for the petite, but they still don't look right, so I look at the ones for the average height. I think it's the arm shoulder thing.