Bag size and height proportion?

  1. Hello all! I'm new to the Purse Forum, and this is my first post! I was wondering if I could get some advice about getting the right size bag for me. I'm very short..only 4'11". But I am in LOVE with the MJ Hudson! Only thing is, when I've seen it at Nordy's and held it, it seemed so large next to me. It sucks cuz whenever I see a beautiful bag that's a bit large, I feel like it'd look weird if I held it. I'm always thinking, "if ONLY they made it a little smaller!" :sad: What are your opinions with bag size and height proportion? Do you think the Hudson is too big for me and I should only carry medium to smaller sized bags? I feel so left out though! Lol. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
  2. I think you should buy any bag you LOVE regardless of the long as the bag doesn't look really enormous on you! If it looks alittle big, you can get away with that, I love the Hudson too!...the styles are really gorgeous. I'm only 5'2" by the way and I only carry large bags, because I love them so much.
  3. they way I see it, you'd be showing off your fabulous bag even more!

    ( I also think shorter women wear heels so much better, too)
  4. As long as you love it and are comfortable with it, I say, go for it, girl..! :P
  5. I say go for it, getting a purse you love... even if it may not be the best purse for your body type... is the best feeling!:yahoo:

    I also think body size has something to do with it (I'm short and heavy-- an unfortunate combo that I'm working on).:sweatdrop:
  6. I agree with everyone else...if you love the bag, you should get it. The Hudson is really great!

    And, big bags are in this season...the bigger the better! ;)
  7. I think bag size and proportion is really a personal preference. If you love a bag, I think you should go for it by all means. Believe me, if you love the bag then it will work for you!

    I'm 5' 8" but I don't carry anything too much bigger than a letter size paper (32" in length being the max unless it's a Shoulder Birkin), even though I've been told by many that I can probably pull off something much bigger.

    Therefore, don't mind the whole proportion rules or anything of that sort. Buy what you love and wear it with pride!:flowers:
  8. Aww you guys are so sweet. Thanks so much. You all didn't make me feel so small anymore. Hehe! I'm gonna get it! Yay!!!
  9. I'm 4'11 and also a lover of big bags. Sometimes I as if the bag I'm carrying is gonna eat me up cause its so big, but I do get loads of people complimenting my bag because they notice it more. Its all in rather you love it or not!
  10. Welcome bakuhatsu! I'm barely 5'2" and when big bags first became the trend, I struggled with the same questions - but, now, I love my big bags. Smaller women can look great with a large (not huge) bag! The biggest obstacle is getting used to seeing yourself with the larger styles. The hudson is a great bag. I suggest you get it, bring it home and try it with several outfits. Let us know what you end up doing!
  11. as long as your not getting a bag thats 5X the size of your head I think your good to go-
    Im just under 5'1 and I adore big bags because little bags hold nothing! (I use my grand shopper:chanel often and thats pretty BIG) and I did decide NOT TO GET THE NEW COCO CABAS tote because that was beyond "big" it was WAY TOO BIG! - even for gals a little taller than me I think (IMO)
  12. I think you should get what you love! I actually have the opposite problem... Everyone was telling me "get a big bag this season, you can pull it off because you're so tall!" I don't like super big bags so I passed. :yes: Just get whatever moves you! If you're happy carrying it then that's all that matters! :flowers: