Bag shipped without tracking, signature confirmation and insurance, I am going mad !!

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  1. I bought a Bbag on Bonanzle and since I am in Canada, I request tracking and signature confirmation but no insurance (ins will disclose the value to Customs). The seller agrees to ship the bag without insurance. I have exchanged several e-mails with the seller and stated clearly for my shipping instruction.

    Initially the seller was quite friendly but later on she kept pushing me pay for the bag ASAP. When I found she shipped the bag with no tracking, no signature confirmation. I sent her the copies of e-mail I sent her previously which state my shipping instruction and she said there are language barrier ?? And claimed that I was annoying her and threaten me not to send her e-mail again. Later on, she broke the friendship on tpf.

    The seller said she shipped the bag last Sat (Jul 11th) with Priority mail and will arrive in 6-10 business days. She claimed that she couldn't add the signature confirmation and tracking for Priority mail. I got quite a lots of Bbags from US sellers, either by Express or Priority mail but never heard that tracking and signature confirmation cannot be added, anyone with that shipping experience ??

    I will never know where my bag goes, when it is delivered/ who get my bag........I guess I have to be patient and wait for minimum of 2 weeks or it may takes a month and hopefully the bag will come to me at the end.

    I have heard lots of horrible story of the USPS from other pfers that the bag being delivered but the member didn't has the parcel on hand; the parcel disappeared even with tracking; system never updated etc.
  2. Esther... PLEASE tell me that you paid w/ a credit card???????????

    On NON-EBAY transactions, you DO NOT have PP Buyer protection. You simply have a PP Buyer complaint policy for INR. And if the seller has no funds in their account, you are SOL.
    You need to file an INR w/ PP as soon as possible and escalate it to a claim.
  3. wouldnt it be too soon to file a claim? she just shipped it out a week ago.
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    Esther, you know I am a member of this forum too. Please let's keep this private matter to ourselves and resolve it by talking directly. I don't want to have to justify myself here.

    You know that I had a lot of offers for this bag, and that is the reason why I was "pushing" you to pay. I was giving you a better deal and if you weren't serious about it I would have wanted to sell to someone else asap.

    Also, as I mentioned before, there is NO WAY to get ALL the services you want if you refuse to pay for them. I would have been MORE THAN HAPPY to ship by UPS, FEDEx- private carriers that, while more expensive, can give you full services, but you didn't want this for cost reasons.

    I agree that it was stupid of me to ship the bag to you as I did. In the future I will not listen to buyers who want me to UNDERDECLARE to avoid CUSTOMS FEES. I was trying to do you a favor, AS YOU ASKED, but I got burned instead.

    It takes USPS 6-10 business days to send the bag to Canada, not to your residence. Please be patient just awhile longer. If you don't receive the bag then we can talk.
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    If you shipped the bag via priority mail then you have a tracking number. I didn't know that either and was told that I couldn't buy a tracking number. If you look at the receipt there should be a custom form number- that is your tracking number for priority mail. All international mail sent via priority (other than the smallest flat box) come with a tracking number. It will record the information at major cities.

    Just from my experience and other things I've read, it is too risky to send valuable items such as Bbags without insurance. Hope everything resolves amicably for you two. Get the tracking number and wait and see.
  6. BUYERS need to NOT expect sellers to under-declare OR under-insure.

    SELLERS need to insure for full value and ship w/ SIG CONFIRM for their own protection.

    You girls need to now take this to PM, IMO.
  7. You cannot get a signature on Priority Mail to Canada. Has to be Express Mail.

    Priority Mail to Canada is 3-4 weeks.

  8. I've shipped stuff to Canada and it usually arrives within 10 days (I guess depends on the location), but it doesn't take 3-4 weeks. Priority mail says 6-10 business days.
  9. IMO it is really silly that you want to buy an expensive bag, but then want to go cheap when it comes to insuring it. it is for your protection. to ensure you get the bag. that's not the time to try and save a buck. sorry, but if you don't get the bag, i think it may be your own fault for refusing insurane.
  10. Personally I think both buyer and seller are at fault here.

    As a buyer, it is not wise to try and cut costs by not paying for insurance and asking the seller to undervalue the package.

    As a seller, you need to protect yourself by insisting on tracking, insurance and declaring full value on international shipping.

    I think the best you guys can hope for is that the bag is delivered safely at this point.
  11. I think you make an excellent point here. I know I made a dumb decision. I just wish the OP wouldn't bring our issues to this forum and blame everything on me. In the future I will be strictly "by the book" only. No more kickbacks to TPF members. I think too many people exploit their "TPF" status...
  12. I agree with this, and if the bag does not get delivered, sadly neither of you are going to have any protection.
  13. Everyone has made some good points, and Esther, for heaven's sake, CHILL. It hasn't even been a week since your seller sent the bag. I'm sure your bag will come through just fine, and you'll be very happy with it. Regardless of what you think, the USPS is one of the most efficient in the world. And while, the USPS may guarantee to get the package to Canada within X number of days, they cannot control how many days that package will sit in Canadian Customs waiting for inspection and clearance.

    The seller, afterall, complied with your wishes to send it as economically as possible and not to declare the full value, which she knows now wasn't the wisest thing to do. And, it certainly wasn't. Insurance is there for a reason, and it's also illegal to make a false declaration on customs documents.

    And alliemia and lori are certainly correct too. Why buy an expensive bag and then cheap out on the insurance and duty? If this had been an eBay transaction, the seller would still be held responsible for getting the bag to you whether or not you requested or paid for insurance, but I don't know if Bonanzle has the same policy.

    Regardless, I'm sure that there will be a happy conclusion to this one and the bag will arrive safely. To go "mad" after less than a week is just a bit ridiculous.

  14. Thanks for all the valuable input, much appreciated !! I really hope the Bbag will arrive very soon. I never have problems in buying Bbags from US sellers under my shipping instruction before, this is an exception.

    I am not setting up any dispute or argument here, I just want to hear from fellow pfers, especially those live in Canada and understand the tax system here & if some NICE US sellers sold and shipped their items to Canadian successfully. It is difficult to be patient if you were me, fingers and toes crossed !

    Canada Customs do charge lots of taxes if the Bbag is insured for the full value. In my selling experience, I once sold a Bbag to an ebayer in Singpore and she have the same taxes concern. I did undervalue the bag but for sure I shipped with tracking and signature confirmation. She got the Bbag and was very happy with it. If people have to pay the extra amount for taxes, I think most of them will only buy from retail store in stead. Not to mention the economic condition right now, all you can see is the reduction in the pricing of Bbags, either on Ebay/ Bonanzle.
  15. If they open the box and research it they will put their own value on it which could be more than the buyer paid. I hope you put an invoice in the box.
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