Bag shipped in a priority mail ENVELOPE!

  1. I bought a bag for my mother off eBay...I'm not sure she'll 100% like the bag (I think it may be too small for her)...but it's what she wanted and that's not what I"m here to complain about.

    This bag, albeit in perfect condition, was shipped in a priority mail ENVELOPE...with NO dustbag. Just thrown into the envelope. Cost on the envelope was 4.60.

    price I was charged? $15!!!

    can I complain at all to the seller? Normally I don't complain about shipping, and I realize that the cost of shipping should be included in your 'total amount willing to pay on eBay'...but come on! who ships a bag like that?
  2. Is it a new seller or someone who doesn't sell handbags? If so, I send them an e-mail telling them handbags should be boxed.

    In your case, I would ask the seller for a few bucks refund for the shipping. If she doesn't give you one, I would leave FB saying: Pd $15 to have leather designer Handbag shipped in a tyvek envelope" or whatever applies.
  3. ^^ Eek yeah definitely do that. I once paid $20 and received my item in the Priority Mail envelope. :push:
  4. UGH....I would leave the new detailed feedback and ding them on the shipping part of it!!!
  5. Why would someone ship a bag in a bag!! OMG:wtf:
  6. Ugh, I hate it when sellers do that. Once someone shipped me a pair of Prada shoes in a Tyvek envelope! The things people will do to try and save a few bucks. I'd email the seller -- maybe they are new to eBay and don't know any better -- and then I would also mention in their feedback about mailing the expensive item in an envelope.

    At least you got it safely -- I guess Tyvek is pretty strong after all!
  7. Wow that sucks! I guess at least its in perfect condition, definitely contact the seller to see if they'll do anything for you though. Maybe they can refund your shipping or something.

    Is it against ebay rules to charge more than what shipping is worth? I always figured that people did that to cover the "handling" charge.
  8. Wow ! I'd be upset too...... I'd expect the bag to be shipped in a priority box if I'm paying 15 for shipping. I even ship clothing in a priority box.

  9. Oh my--definitely send a message to the seller (especially if they're new, maybe they didn't know about shipping etiquette?) and let them know you're unhappy. If they're not responsive to your concerns, I think a neutral feedback with a description of the poor shipping would be appropriate. Because seriously... $15 in shipping usually means not only a box, but insurance and delivery confirmation!

    I'm glad your bag was in good shape, though... at least you have that to be happy about. :yes:
  10. if i were you i would. i sell bags and i put alot of care and time into the way i pack my bags to make sure they never get damaged and most of the time under charge.
  11. Um yeah, I would ask the seller about that. I just refunded shipping to a person and it was just $3.00...and I am the one that emailed them to tell them that the shipping was less than I thought so I was going to be sending a refund.
  12. ^^Same here!!
  13. Yeah you can also report excess shipping charges:
  14. One time I paid $20 in shipping and received the bag shoved into a flat rate box. It barely fit and the bag was crushed! I emailed the seller and told him if he was going to charge $20 for shipping, he could at least put the bag in a big enough box with some packing materials. He was very sorry and refunded some of the charges.
  15. ^ That's exactly what happened to me! The bottom of my bag that had the cardboard support got bent in half because of his carelessness. Awful!!