Bag seletion at HK space warehouse

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I was just wondering about visiting the space warehouse in HK that's owned by Prada, is the bag selection there any good? I actually really really want a black nylon shopping bag kind of thing, but I'm not sure if they might have any.... What are the prices like?

    Thnks so much for all you're help!! :biggrin:
  2. where is the spare warehouse? mind to share?
  3. Hi angexz,

    I was there in Dec 09 and the selection of bags ain't many...Yes for nylon bag but not much choice. Those were past season products, on 30% off. Other than bags, there's shoes and apparel... But the traveling distance kinda off far.
    Personally, i didn't get anything from the warehouse...=)

    HTH :smile:.
  4. Hi there,

    Just went to Space outlet in Hong Kong last Sunday. The selection there was not as good as the one in Japan.Wallets are all last piece, no much leather handbags if you are looking for 1.

    Personally I did not get anything from there.But in Dec 09 ,when i visit the Space in Japan,got myself a leather handbag.( My first Prada Leather handbag) :smile:
  5. 2/F EAST COMMERCIAL BLOCK, MARINA SQUARE, SOUTH HORIZONS, AP LEI CHAU (entrance on ground floor next to Marina Square East Market - closed Mondays)
  6. thnks for all the help guys :smile: i went to space last week it was alright i guess.. quite a large selection of shoes and clothing, and a reasonably ok selection of bags.. only problem was tht the prices weren't rlly tht cheap..

    however i did spot a pretty creamy white-ish handbag tht i lurrrvee so i thnk i mite pop in again tmrw and GET ITTTT! hahha ;)