Bag Schizophrenia?


Oct 23, 2005
I'm wondering if I'm the only crazy one around here... do any of you suffer from bag schizophrenia and constantly change your bag wishlists? It seems like once a week or so, my list changes. That $%#&@ Fendi Spy I disliked a few weeks ago is growing on me. I love the honey and petrol colors, it's also pretty in white. I've also added the Balenciaga medium city to my list, even though I thought it was too big before! And I didn't like the Chloe Edith at first, but after seeing the one CeeJay bought in that gorgeous color... :love: I have a Notepad file called "want list" from November saved on my desktop, and it's completely different!

The madness must stop! :wacko:
lol! You're not alone. I didn't like Balenciagas till I saw your green apple one & now I'm obsessed. I thought the spy was huge & ugly until I saw how goregous Meg's is. And...I thought a mono canvas LV speedy was I want it for my birthday :smile:
i totally understand how you feel, my list is forever changing! i think its because everyone on here helps by supplying information and lots of new pics etc...... like you, the fendi spy is totally growing on me! hehehehe!
from everyones pics etc... i just scream at my computer "geez, thats SO cute... i SO want that" and there it goes... its on my list! hehehe!

Dont feel bad. Every single one of my highend bags, are ones that I never liked. The first time I saw my sister-in-law with her Balenciaga, I thought, "Yuck, way to 80's. Now I own 2, and want more. Same goes for my LV MC Speedy. "How Goddy are these colors"! I have that one and the Theda MC too. I think we really love them from the get go, its our concious saying WHOA!! Dont buy that its WAAYY TOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!! Hasn't stopped me yet!
ZooMom said:
lol! You're not alone. I didn't like Balenciagas till I saw your green apple one & now I'm obsessed. I thought the spy was huge & ugly until I saw how goregous Meg's is. And...I thought a mono canvas LV speedy was I want it for my birthday :smile:

Oops, guess I'm a bad Balenciaga influence ;) I hope you get one, I am enjoying mine :nuts:

helen - :lol: I thought I was the only one that goes "Wow, that's sooo cute!" at my screen when I see other members here post pictures of their new bags. :P
I definitely have bag schizophrenia and I'm starting to realize what a dangerous place this forum is...

All of your bag stories and beautiful pics make me want to buy, buy, buy. Drives me crazy yet I keep coming back for my fix!
Okay, now I don't feel so bad anymore. Before I was thinking I was nuts. I was on eLuxury earlier and came across the Epi Speedy 25, and thought "Oh yeah, I gotta remember to add the 30 to my list again!" My list just keeps growing...
Yes, the list continues and changes all the time...I think part of the reason why it's been hard to plunker down some serious money is that there are simply too many things that I want - all because of the forum. I am allowing myself two really nice bags this year at full-price (I've already purchased two bags on eBay this year), one for this part of the year, and another at the end of the year. I've always wanted a Balenciaga (ever since I saw the bag being carried by Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Cox), and it's been in the back of my mind all these years, but all of a sudden, because of B-bag fever here, I really MUST have one! But, at the same time, I'm being overly cautious with my choices....want to make the right one.
*Raises hand*

It drives my husband crazy! Just this last month I was obsessed over Gerard Darel and Luella bags (was not even crazy about Luella before!). Now it's on to Botegga, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs. Good thing I try to think long and hard before I plunk down the money.
Compared to all of you, I must be the odd one. Once I fall in love with a handbag, I MUST have it, rarely do I lose my love for that bag. There's something about each bag that I fall in love with that's unique.
I think I'm actually streamlining my "wants" because I talk about them, read about them, get everyone's input on them, etc....

I'm over my penmarked BV, decided NOT to get the Ellen Tracy from NM that has the BV "inspired" look. I'm also now over the Fendi B. Bag--I think looking at it all the time has gotten me to realize that I'm NOT into it THAT much cause it's getting old... My infatuation with the Dior Gaucho was a phase.

Now I just need to see a MJ Stam to figure out if that's what I really want.... I'm waiting for a Taupe one in icy leather to get to me in the mail from Nordstrom. BUT I've heard that Cola is out at the MJ stores. I really like patent leather and I like that they've redesigned the bag with the kisslock and balancing of the shoulder strap BUT I don't know if I should take the risk for store credit only on a return in case I hate it...

And I think my LV Popincourt vs. Speedy 30 was a bit of a phase too. If I love the Stam, that may help me lean towards the Popincourt since the Stam sorta reminds me of the Speedy for some reason.