Bag & Scarf pairings--Share Your Favorites!

  1. Many of you love Hermes scarves as well as leathergoods. Do you have favorite bag/scarf combinations that you'd like to share? They can be the regular 35-36" silk/cashmere/cotton, the 54" shawls, Twillys, or pocket scarves.

    Feel free to post pictures!
  2. Ok, I am a pocket square nut! :lol: Here a a couple of mine on various bags (Evelyne, D&B Alto tote, LV Saleya PM). I think they add a nice touch to non H bags as well. :flowers: With the Evelyne I like to make the strap shorter using a pocket square (as in the family portrait pic) which is why I have taken to buying blue ones to match.:wlae:
    81E32DAE-DDDA-45A9-77DD1C375559FDEF.jpg 5127D4F5-CC70-CF0B-3649A8FA4D46427A.jpg th_DSCN0794.jpg th_DSCN0802.jpg
  3. Crochetbella, those are beautiful combinations! I especially love the zebra pocket scarf with your Evelyne!

    I just took pics of a new Early America scarf in a black colorway with my Fuchsia Kelly 28. This is my current favorite pairing! The accent colors in the scarf are Fuchsia, Rouge Vif, and purple/indigo. I am planning to wear this combination to dinner this weekend! Woohoo! I'll post more combos another time.



  4. ^otingocni - you take the best photos! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fuschia kelly!
  5. ^^^^I second that. What kind of camera do you use? BTW, I'll post photos later, this thread is a great idea. My bags never leave home undressed.
  6. Thanks OT! Wow, that scarf is gorgeous with your bag! :flowers:
  7. OT, I love the is stunning.
  8. On the floor Lucy! That scarf and Kelly are just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Move over, JAG!
  10. Love it, Love it, Lucy!!! I just ADORE your fuschia Kelly!!!! I haven't paired my bags with any of my scarves yet, except for taking the pic in my avatar......I'm going to go and have a look at the collection and if I come up with any good combos, I'll take pics!!
  11. The colors are so pretty!
  12. CROCHETBELLA I love your zebra scarf. It reminds me of the giraffe scarf that I bought recently. It's so cute with the Evelyne! I am also really into orange scarves!

    Lucy As usual, you have impeccable taste. The scarf goes beautifully with the Kelly...
  13. What a beautiful Kelly and scarf!!:girlsigh:
  14. Aww, thanks so much, ladies. Your compliments are so nice to come home to because I'm a little down. My 6 y.o. broke his arm this afternoon so it's been a little rough the last few hours. Anyway...

    I'm just very excited about this new combination! When I first saw the scarf at NM Palo Alto, I just had to have it. It would also look fantastic w/ black, Raisin, and Rouge Vif bags! I'm glad you like the pictures. Hermes makes THE MOST gorgeous colors ever!

    Please join in and post your favorite bag/scarf combos!

  15. Lucy, I am so sorry about your son- but glad he is ok! Big hugs!!!!!
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