bag rivalry - when crass people use their bags as a snob symbol

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  1. :angel:Hihi i am not quite sure how to articulate this but i wonder if some of you podders find this scenario familiar

    there's this woman (i am not gg to mince my words) whom i called the MEGA *****, at work who's a real snob. As the finance director at my company and being one of the oldest women (hahahaha.. cos everyone here is really young),she's definitely drawing a pretty good salary compared to some of the more junior staff.

    She's really crass.. she looks like an ageing mamasan.. and she's just got this really fake-looking eyelash extensions. She has quite a few designer handbags - the Loewe amazona, two miu miu, one of them is a miumiu coffer, a very common-looking gucci, an LV speedy.. and i think that's about it really..

    hahahah.. i have more.. HMPH.. but anyway when one of her staff commented that she had bought yet another new bag (after a recent purchase).. Guess what her answer was, "OH! These bags are nothing.. THEY are really cheap." she said with a nonchalant attitude. Hello, now how crass is that? I seriously believe only low-class people will speak this way. Cos 1) She knows this lady only makes a fraction of what she draws and dresses very simply. - so isn't she insulting her? 2) These bags are not cheap.

    come on, ladies.. we know these bags are affordable to most of us here.. but they are certainly not cheap.. Even if i were to be drawing USD30k a month, i won't consider them cheap. Affordable yes, but not cheap.

    So how crass and insensitive is that?

    IMO, only the crass noveau-riche will talk this way.

    And that's not all.. she uses her "symbols of wealth and status" to put down the younger girls in the office. Even the girls in the office next door hate her. Whenever she carries one of her designer bags, she would flaunt them in a very blatant manner should she be sharing the same lift. She would first sweep you a scathing look from head to toe , then perch her bag at the crook of her elbow, but pushing it forward so that it's at your eye-level. And then she would lift her nose up into the air, and turn her elbows out so that she blocks "the minions" and enters the lift first. She does the same thing when she exits.

    She thinks she's the queen.

    She's not even my boss.. she only heads a team of three.. hahaha..

    There were a few occasions when she had a new wallet or a namecard holder, and i was in the same lift as her. She actualy fished out her wallet and with an elbow across her chest, she rested another one 90 degrees to it.. and held her wallet against her face, which is right next to me.. There was the LV monogramme pomme amor wallet then. I couldn't believe it..

    This morning i was at the lift lobby with her.. and she was carrying her black miu miu coffer.. but i had my Chanel Flap.. hahaha..

    She hates me.. cos i actually put her in her place once..she's not my boss.. and she bullies junior staff way too often..

    YOu know when some women are insecure, or they dun feel they are prettier than other women.. they resort to cheap thrills like this.. as in as they think that because they can afford small little luxuries; they use it as a way to show other women they can afford these stuff and to prove to them they are better than them.

    Hello, owning designer goods doesn't reflect real wealth. We all remember the part in Sex in the City where Carrie Bradshaw had a whole closet full of Manolos but no money for a downpayment.

    if this mega ***** in my office is really so rich, her husband wouldn't have to drive her to work every morning in a beatup spacewagon..

    now, i am being a snob but only cos she asked for it.
  2. Hmm well... all I can say is (IMHO of course) money does not, and will never buy class, and overtly flaunting material possessions isn't the root of the real problem (low self-esteem, for example), but rather a by product of those feelings of insecurity. :smile:
  3. ^Yes, I think those who flaunt things are just feeling insecure about themselves.

    Maybe she's saying they are cheap because they are fakes??
  4. She's really crass.. she looks like an ageing mamasan

    This line ^ made me smile :lol:. She sounds like she has a really bad case of low self esteem :yes:.
  5. i call her the donkey.. cos her laughter sounds like heeehaaaaaaaaaaAAw..
    and her gums are all exposed when she laughs

    she knows it.. she covers her mouth when she laughs

    i wish someone would tell her to cover her face
  6. She is a sad soul. Low self-esteem is something that no one can help her with.

    Maybe she carries fakes....haha
  7. I'm actually thinking this thread is kind of crass and not all that "high class" itself:shrugs:
    It's not Chanel related, I'm going to go ahead and close this one.
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