*Bag reveal* — a new Mulberry in the family!

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  1. I treated myself today. Went to rainy London and after much deliberating, I brought back this...

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  2. Can anyone guess what’s inside?

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  3. Ooh in the front row for this one! Is it a Seaton?
  4. Harlow?!
  5. Zipped Bayswater?
  6. It’s a Bayswater with Strap in Oxblood Natural Grain Leather. I’ve been obsessed with this colour ever since an acquaintance got the Small Zipped Bayswater in the very same colour. I hope I wasn’t too annoying for the Sales Associate... I asked her to show me the Heritage, Zipped and this one (in various sizes) before making up my mind!!! Unfortunately, the pictures don’t do the colour justice.

    Sooooooo happy!!! Her name – yeah, I name my bags – is ‘Scarlett’. She will join her sister Molly B. (Small Zipped Bayswater in Oak Natural Grain Leather) in my Mulberry family.

    Wondering what my next one will be... my ‘Christmas Present’ from my hubby is still outstanding, and he told me it can be from the Mulberry store . He doesn’t necessarily like shopping, but he actually likes the Mulberry store on Regent Street...

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  7. Enjoy your beautiful new bag! The colour really is gorgeous, I saw it in the store the other day. :heart:
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  8. Beautiful bag!!!
  9. its so lovely, i really like the oxblood! lovely with chambray and white cotton in summer and with charcoals in colder months.