Bag Returned To Sender.- International Postage. What To Do? Help


Aug 30, 2007
hi ladies
so i sold a GORGEOUS Tod's bag to a buyer in France( I live in the US). She emailed me a while later sayign she has not received it. I started an enquiry and the bag just came back to me today. The shipping alone(without handling) cost me $28. If the buyer still wants the bag- I dont want to make her pay shipping again for something that its not her fault but then I dont wanna spend 30 bucks out of pocket either.
If she doesnt want the bag, do i refund her her shipping?
Is there something paypal can do for me?

I dont know why the bag came back from GERMANY none the less....

moi et mes sacs

Science Geek!
Sep 22, 2007
I think you need to enquire with your mailing company to find out why the bag came back. In the meantime I would also forward the buyer the communication with the mail co so she does know you have posted and there has been a proble. And also ask her to confirm her address.

LT bag lady

Apr 20, 2007
Find out why it was returned. I recently had a bag returned b/c the PO claimed it was not a valid address. I took it to my local PO and the clerk (who knows me well and is very nice), just sent it out again and it arrived this time. He said the carrier was probably too lazy to get out of his truck to leave a slip for the buyer, so she never knew it was at the PO waiting to be picked up.
Good luck!