Bag resolutions for 2013?!? :)

  1. The new years coming up! Was wondering if you guys have any bag resolutions for 2013? Im hoping to buy less bags this 2013... Maybe just 1 or 2... And 1 definitely has to be a chanel :smile:
  2. I have resolutions which I've been starting this year to help me through 2013!

    1. Sell all bags that I don't use anymore. Let go of the sentimental attachment. Stop reasoning with myself on why I should keep a bag that I don't use anymore.

    2. Limit bag buying to two a year. Make the purchases special occasions and the joy will last longer.
  3. I'm also hoping to buy just 1-2 bags in 2013. I added a lot to my collection this year and need to cut back next year. Also, I think I've bought most of the bags I've been wanting.
  4. interesting thread :smile:

    i will:

    1. buy 1 or maximum 2 bags next year. and each bag should be special, i must make sure that i will use that bag for a long period of time.

    2. i need to sell some of bags and limit my collection up to 12 bags only *i was trying to write 10 but its sooo difficult :p

    3. take care of my bags, put them neatly in their dustbags and creating a good space for storage in my closet for all my babies ;)

    that my 2013 bag resolution ;)
  5. Find a way to sell the bags I don't use.
  6. I plan on purchasing no bags or small leather goods in 2013. I am happy with the number of bags I have now and I don't want to have too many.
  7. I've been pretty good over the past two years - I've sold almost everything I don't use and I don't use credit cards to buy new bags. I have a small collection of Balenciaga and Anya Hindmarch that I love - so next year's resolution is to sell the remaining bags (the ones I don't use) and buy one that is lightweight and smaller than the bags I have now.
  8. Nice one starbunny! :smile: i want and will plan to do the same... So many bags that are just stored :/
  9. This year was my bag year as well... The most ive gotten! I have to cut the bag spending next year :smile:
  10. Limiting bags is a good idea! My husband allowed me to one bag per designer of the brands i realy like! Indeed.. 10 is sooo difficult :p
    I also dream of having a bag cabinet one day :smile:
  11. I :heart: balenciaga :smile:
  12. Thanks for the post guys! Your resolutions inspire me in making my bag choices next year :smile:
  13. I agree with most of you guys. I plan on limiting my bag purchases to one or two bags at most from now on. Over the last two years I've bought a lot because I had just started my collection, but I'm "settling down" now. I've med a few purchases that I now regret because I didn't have TPF at first and I was not an informed buyer. I plan on doing some downsizing and sticking to the classics when it comes to the high-end bags.
  14. My resolution is definitely to buy fewer bags for 2013! I'm going to set a goal of only 2, which is a bit ambitious as I bought 4 in 2012. Fewer bags, and also shoes and scarves! Just less spending in general. :biggrin: