Bag Repair?

  1. Hi there - does anyone know how I should go about getting bags repaired? I have a couple of beautifl bags which have had stitching come away (after much use!!). Thanks!
  2. Depends on the type of bags. You could take it back to the place where you bought the bag, or, if you don't want to wait, take it to your local shoe repair person. I know in my town we have a great shoe guy that also repairs handbags. And he is a lot cheaper than taking back to the store and getting it rpaired.
  3. Is it a designer bag? I know that if you take some designer bags to their own designer boutique (i.e., a Louis Vuitton to a Louis Vuitton store) they can make an inspection and send it off to have it repaired. It's really expensive, though, and it takes forever. And as suggested previously, a shoe repair person can do the job for a cheaper price. As a forewarning though, if you get bag repaired elsewhere any future repairs may not be able to get repaired at the designer store. I know that Louis Vuitton will not make any repairs on handbags that were previously repaired by other parties.
  4. Great! It is a Mulberry so I might try their shop. If it's too pricey, I'll try and good shoe repair place. Thanks!