Bag regret (the one that got away)... anyone else?

  1. we all know I almost had one. . . .but I got it back! LOL!
    Do you have one that you still wish you hadn't passed on?
    One that haunts you and you KNOW you should've bought it?
  2. The backwards CC's bag.
  3. I don't know that one{?}
  4. I don't know why, but I can't get the Cloudy Bundle n/s tote out of my head. I had myself on the list for it, but after seeing RL photos in here, didn't like it as much as in stock photos. I bought the Outdoor tote instead since it was less expensive and I truly love it. But after sophiawinter posted her beige CB tote a few weeks ago I started thinking about it again. The only things holding me back are the $2285 price tag (YIKES!) and I'm on the list for the new Khaki Cabas. I'm convincing myself the latter will be the better pick.
  5. White jumbo caviar with silver hardware.
  6. Pink flap with the heart chain. I still love it!
  7. Luxury flap metallic silver.
  8. Carmel Quilted Jumbo Bag
    Loved It- But Changed My Mind Nothing To Go With It..
    I Miss It
  9. Purple lambskin JUMBO Classic Flap and Grande SHopping Tote in WHITE!
  10. I haven't had this happen yet. I've learned if you want it just get it, otherwise you won't get another chance.
  11. Argh last years chanel valentine hobo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and even the flap.. now I bet the next ones are going to be a couple hundred more because of the price hikes...stupid stupid aarti.
  12. The Grey Anniversary Edition 2.55 Reissue in the 225 size. Had it, returned it... never to be able to find one in-store again.
  13. Hmmm...not sure...the dark brown large DS tote???

    Even had a second opportunity...but passed...
  14. I can't even reply in this thread beyond saying that I don't want to think about them all. Too depressing.
  15. RED lambskin jumbo classic flap.:crybaby: