Bag Recommendations Please...

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  1. Hi everyone. So I'm desperate for a new bag for everyday. It can be new or something old, I don't mind searching ebay.


    1. I must be able to fit in my lunch (most important thing!lol), stethoscopes, occasional labcoat, note book (doesn't have to fit A4), pencil case (I'm a geek :graucho: )maybe an agenda or a diary.
    2. It either has to have a cross body strap (or be VERY light) as I have sciatica and the weight of a heavy bag on one side if im carrying by hand, or on the crook or shoulder, makes it go "TWING!":btdh: Hence why bayswater is out (although it would be perfect)
    3. I , NO! Actually, the patients prefer oak or black, (I once carried a yellow bag with yellow shoes in the hospital and had many patients look at me funny - they don't know fashion :P)
    Any suggestions are useful.

    I recently got a Bayswater for Apple and there is noway I could carry it everyday as its too heavy, so I gave it to my mum.

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    Hello, I would suggest you search ebay and look at the joelle( there is a tan and brown for sale)I have one and it is my everyday bag as it is a good size, zips across the top and has two zip pockets, one in, one outside as well as the front postmans lock pocket. The roxanne A4 tote which comes in leather or vinyl is also popular. I am sure more suggestions will appear soon but if buying from ebay get the bag checked on here first. If you see anything you like maybe you could ring the outlets and see if they have any of the bags in stock(I doubt you would get a joelle) because sometimes it is cheaper from the outlets and at least you are getting the real deal. Good luck.
  3. I can only think of A4 roxy tote, not many messenger bags that'll be big enough for you (perhaps North/South Somerset might work?). OS Alexa should be big enough too? And since your not carrying the most heavy things, it could be okay?

    Hope you find one that you love =)

    Good luck!
  4. OS Alexa or one of the bigger messenger bags? Have you seen the new East West Antony on the Mulberry website? Could be good...
  5. Maby a seth?
  6. Lots of the bigger messengers will be heavy due to the type of leather. How about a mitzy messenger? Roxy A4 tote is a good sugestion also as it's the lighter NVT leather. Off to have a think!
    Does it need to fit into a locker?
  7. a a4 roxy or bays?
  8. Ah ktcyrus, you too are medical! When I worked on wards, I found long strap/cross body best. Whilst I love my new bays for Mac, I agree, it's bloody heavy and has twinged my gammy shoulder. However, as I am now office based and sit in the dark(guess my specialty!), it's less of a problem as I don't need to lug my big lunch around!

    How about the Anthony messenger? Nice size, back friendly
  9. Lunch, lab coat, and stethoscope? I love my Seth, but I think that would be a tough fit. Is a lab coat much smaller than I'm thinking of? Because that sounds like a tight fit in a Ant messenger as well. The EW messenger is a great size, but I would be nervous about putting a lunch in a such a pricey bag - although I guess that depends on what you eat for lunch.

    MulberryMad has a nice RAF Mabel messenger for sale that has a thick strap and larger capacity. If the lab coat really is something quite small, I love my Seth and there are several for sale on Ebay (get them authenticated first, of course).
  10. How about a brynmore? That would be big enough for what you are thinking of carrying I think - I assume the labcoat would roll up quite small. Otherwise maybe a shimmy as it's pretty lightweight, has the 2 handles plus a long strap too...that would definitely fit what you need to carry.
  11. Had a think and am back with the suggestions of a mitzy tote. I think you really need to get to a store and try some of these bags on. Happy shopping!!!

  12. I agree with flyvetjo, these would be my suggestions too, both bags are a good size, lightweight leather and good-looking!
  13. What a bout a daria hobo - it is huge but comparatively would fit in the stuff you list easily and it can be hand held as well as shoulder carried....
  14. what about a daria satchel or mitzy messenger? They might be too small but they look fantastic!
  15. I love my Anya Hindmarch Bellini
    for work .it's roomy but well structured and wellade and strong with a cross body strap as well as handles.Although it's 2009 but you might find one on E Bay.Warning! I'm nearly 50 ! My daughter would go for an Alexa!