Bag/Print Matchup

  1. I was looking at pirata zuccas recently, and I realized that the vast majority of the ones I've seen have good or really good print placement. The entire pirata print just seems to be made for the zucca, since you can't seem to really go wrong.

    Then I started thinking how OP, camo playground and black playground are perfect for small bags and accessories, even the portatelefono, since the characters are so small, while tan playground is perfect for buon viaggios. Citta and Citta Rosa look great on more structured bags, such as the gioco, and not quite as good on curvy bags, like the bella because of the buildings. Etc, etc.

    What do you think is the perfect bag for each print?
  2. Bella bella for every print!! I want more bella bella!! *lol* I know the zipper chops the print on the front and some don't like that, but I don't mind because I really like the zippers. And the back has enough space to show a decent amount of print to me. If it hadn't been discontinued, I'd probably have one in every single print!!
  3. I love Zuccas because they are very functional for me to use on workdays when I typically carry more items in my purse than on the weekends. Zuccas a large enough that you do get a pretty good span of print, although I know the straps and zipper on the front do cut off a portion of the print, I still like their functionality.

    During the weekends, I really like using a Ciao. Again, there is the issue with zippers cutting off a small section of print, but I can usually find one with the specific scene/characters I want anyway.

    OP and the Camo Playgrounds are great because I don't sweat print placement with those (although I am partial to Sandy on the OP), because they prints are small, as you mentioned.
  4. it's so sad that in order to get a near-complete print that's not really broken up, i'd either have to buy a Luna or a Ciao Ciao, but i don't have a use for either of them :crybaby:

    the Cammo prints are good on any bag because the print is so small, but they also repel me because the detail is so hard to see unless u go up close to it. :push:

    now, if Simon started making posters of the prints in their entirety, then i'd be a happy girl :yahoo: .....then again, nobody would buy the Lesportsac bags anymore :sad:
  5. Surely you jest! I'm sure all of us here at--wait for it--the Purse Forum of all places would still want the bags! Posters are great, but they aren't accessories you can carry around with you every day (to look at the print every day!) that also happen to be functional :yes:

    Plus, there's enough other Tokidoki merchandise out there and that hasn't affected demand for the bags because it's what most people think of.
  6. hehe i think i'm the anomaly here
    i'm not collecting the bags for the fact that they are bags, i'm more into collecting them because i love to look at the prints :p

    of course, the bag has to have functionality for me before i plunk down money for it (eg. i would never buy a bocce because i can't really put anything into it), but i always consider the print/placement first before the functionality
  7. Don't get me wrong, the print is the biggest draw for me for the bags as well :heart: But you also can't carry a poster around with you everywhere to see the print every day. It would be cool if they made some though!
  8. to me it all depends on the person and their preference. i :heart: um all!
  9. djr, I :heart: your Eeyore!!!!


  10. LOL.... that's funny...i'm picturing someone doing that...walking down the street just carrying a poster around everywhere :biggrin:

    I think bella bella's are a great size bag that would have suited a lot of the prints...

    here are iust a FEW of my favorite picks for certain prints:
    paradiso: gioco, zucca, ciao
    OP: bella bella
    foresta: ciao ciao
    amore: gioco, stellina
    pirata: buon viaggio, zucca
    famiglia: gioco, campeggio and anythign w/ pockets
    spiaggia: anything depending on the print placement
    tutti: bigger bags since the print is big
  11. thanks! i think he's super adorable:smile: