Bag prices went up but the Classic shoes are cheaper now...

  1. :hrmm: I was at the Boutique today and noticed that all the classic flats were cheaper! The SA told me that the price had gone down by $25 - $50.

    It figures that I already bought every pair of classic Chanel with black patent toe, beige with beige toe, brown with black leather toe, beige with black leather toe and black suede with black leather toe... and I cannot take advantage of the reduced prices because I have already bought them at the higher price.

    Someone here will benefit, I'm sure... (wish it were me). :p
  2. Jayne1, does the price redux include Chanel pumps? or just the Cambon flats?
  3. I didn't check the pumps... but I don't think the reduction includes any Cambons or anything seasonal. This is just for the Classic Flats that they always carry. The flats with the black toe.
  4. ^^ OHH ok, I see. Thanks! I'm drooling over the rounded platform pumps Chanel released for FW 06
  5. Well that's some good news! :yes:
  6. Jayne1 , just wondering is there any place that i can see all those classic flats ??
  7. No, I don't think there is. Does anyone know if there is somewhere to see the classic ballet flats?

    (Really, they all look the same... just the colour changes... )
  8. Thanks for posting so everyone else will know. I just bought a pair of the stetchy ballerina flats with the rubber sole, and wearing them around the house to test them for comfort, the little flappy thing on the back is irritating? Do you have these and know if they are comfortable?
  9. I'm wearing mine too! They're from last year... and no, I don't find the flap thing irritating at all. I have two pairs of the stretchy ballerina flats and the flaps doesn't touch the back of my foot/ankle, so I don't even know they are there.
  10. It sucks that AZ doesn't have its own Chanel store...just NM and Saks :sad:
  11. Hmmm thanks for replying . . . maybe it is the way my ankle is there . . . they are so cute I don't want to return them. Guess I'll keep trying around the house or wear a band aid. I'm sure the size is correct. I missed out on them last year and making the rounds I have seen them in so many colors - white/black, red/black, tan/black, pink/black and black/black. Just that is a decision!
  12. Now that you mention it... the flap is kind of there at the back of my ankle. I hadn't really noticed until you told me. Now I'm so aware of it... I hope it doesn't start to bother me. :p

    I just bought a new pair today... black with a white toe. I can't decide whether it looks really cool and will be great for summer or the white toe is silly looking.
  13. LOL I hope it doesn't bother you too! I saw the ones with the white toe and I debated on that too . . . I wasn't sure about the toe being white - I would like to see them on someone else to tell . . . I ended up getting the tan/black - black toe (I like the tan but it doesn't flatter my skin tone, but it looks great on the shoe :smile:) and black/black but the problem with the black/black is it really doesn't show the color contrast as much which I think makes the shoe look shoe cute. And the CC logo is in black (I think they could have made that in a color). I am not a pink person so that was easy. But I am still not sure which ones to keep . . . I definitely will wear one out before I decide on having two and make sure they are comfy . . .
  14. I bought the tan/black toe last summer. That's why I didn't get the pink/black toe this year... too similar.

    I think the tan/black is a great shoe... and although I didn't see the black with black shoes, I don't think I would have bought them... they probably look like basic flats and I'd rather have the colour contrast on the shoe.
  15. I was just perusing the Chanel runway for spring 2007 and they are showing the black Chanel shoes with the white toe, with black tights . . . it looks cool - you might want to check that site out . . .