BAG predicament! Do I do LV or Chloe

  1. Ladies… please help! I have a little dilemma. I’m sitting between two bags and I don’t know what to do?:sad:

    Situation: Should I get a brand spanking new Chloe Paddington gorgeous dark Navy Blue which is on hold for me now at DJ’s for AUS$2,099.00 (I know AUSTRALIA is a total RIP Job for designer bags) or should I get an Ebay Louis Vuitton Cerises Speedy 25??? Hummm… I know that the Paddy that were design by Phoebe Philo will be a collector’s item now that she’d left, and this navy blue one is a rare piece. Or should I be coughin out US$1000.00 on an “Authentic” however used Cerises Speedy? I know eventually I’ll own both but which one first?
  2. Is it the navy with the silver hardware?
    I LOOOOOVE that color.
  3. sratsey: its an almost black blue bag with a silver zipper but the lock is a alloyed gold. (mult gold, not shinny gold). and its so cute, dude to the mini size. Great Clubbing gear!
  4. Get the Chloe, because you are assured of getting a genuine, new bag that I assume is HTF since you say it is rare. It sounds gorgeous!
  5. Ooooooh, get the Chloe. Its sounds beautiful!
  6. Get the Chloe!
  7. THANKS Ladies

    Chloe - 4, LV - 0 - So far Chloe looks like a clear Winner! Since I have in on hold for another day, I shall wait and see what the score is then.

    TEAM LV ANYONE ?! It’s a Cerises Speedy. Vintage even?!?!? No?
  8. I’ve manage to rip these shots off Ebay (shhh) Let the ladies of the Purse Forum make the better judgment.

    The Paddington.jpg Paddington2.jpg paddington3.jpg paddington4.jpg LV Cerises Speedy.jpg
  9. I would get the Chloe. It's such a beautiful purse.
  10. hey LV Slut - well i think you should go with the LV... just because you dont have an LV piece yet.... the speedy is such a classic bag... but with the Cerises thats even more SPECIAL and its hard to find to hold of now and the price will just keep going up up up and up!!!! So grab your Cerises while you can!

    good luck with what you decide!!!! :smile:
  11. LVslut, I'm not a fan of the Speedy and less so the Cerises line.. so I'm biased here:smile: I do have the regular Paddy and love it. I think you won't go wrong with the mini Paddy. It's totally cute and you can still wear this over your shoulders.

    You don't have to make your decision about the Paddy this soon. I know DJs is a total jib! LVR has the baby Paddy for fall, for pre-orders and there're several yummy colours to choose from, indluding the new fall navy (just like the blue nuit from DJs but with silver hardware).

    And it's cheaper from LVR, even if you add the customs duties.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  12. The hot colors are hard to come by here and on ebay...and it seems that even at retail, they tend to sell fast.
    If you're certain the bag is real (what color is that?) I'd get the Chloe.
    You might as well have one and use it while it's still part of the "in" handbag crowd LOL.

    The Cerises will always be floating around on ebay and even though it's a love/hate thing, for a true Louis lover, that bag will NEVER go out of style.
  13. I would go with the Chloe - I am not a huge fan of the Cerises line. (the little faces scare the S outta me!) :shocked:
  14. :lol::lol::lol: Those cerises are gonna come out of the bag and run around your room at nite, ventriloquist dummy style.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Ah yes and this is why I could never have one! :yes: