Bag personalization or custom work? Anya Hindmarch or something else?

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  1. Just wondering if there are any services out there that offer bag personalization, monogramming, customization, etc.? I'm waiting on a navy vegetable tanned Linjer tote - super minimalist - and have been toying with the idea of jazzing it up. Crazy or cool? I'm open to something simple and elegant but also possibly a little wacky. I kind of like the Anya Hindmarch stickers - especially the eyes and the initials. Any experience with those? I'm in New York in case anyone knows of particular places that offer customization services. Thanks!
  2. I have added AH stickers to two of my bags, and I get many compliments for them. I think it´s a cool way of adding a personal touch to a bag, so I would say: go for it.
  3. I'd rather 'get my jazz' temporarily by adding charms or scarves if absolutely in the mood. It's more an outfit/mood thing. Mostly I really enjoy minimalism and celebrating the bag's design as it was designed.

    I do monogram everything given the chance though ha ha, but on the inside - just for me

    I know some don't care (like me) - even stickers leave permanent marks, anything like this lowers resale value, so if you do ever think of resale value my advice is not to do anything permeant